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How To Find A Job On Twitter: Part 2

One of the most under-utilized Twitter features in my opinion is its Lists feature. Have you heard of Twitter lists? No? Well, lucky for you that you are reading this blog! Twitter lists lets you view a curated list of Twitter users instead of everyone you are following.  Twitter lists can be public or private. Here’s how creating Twitter lists can help you find a new job.

TwitterbirdTo get to the Twitter lists I created, click the “lists” link (as shown below).


Once there, I see the lists that I created and subscribed to. For example, the Hodes list is one I did not create but one I monitor from time to time.


See? Now instead of all the people I follow on Twitter, I can focus on a specific group of people on Twitter – Hodes’ employees.


Imagine now that you are an administrative assistant open to new opportunities. Who can potentially hire you? Hmm… Executives, managers and supervisors and sure, you can add recruiters to the mix as well. Can you imagine now being on Twitter and only seeing the Tweets of people who could hire you? How easy would it be to strike up a conversation with someone after reading something they said, noticing a hashtag conversation they are involved with or viewing a picture they just posted? Get me? To begin the networking process, you need a good excuse to initiate a talk (your need for a job) and a reason for the other party to respond (a perceived common interest).  Following people on Twitter gives you that “in.”

Of course, before you can build a list, you need to figure out who will be on it. One cool tool called Tweepz will prove especially useful. Keeping with my example, this is how I would find executives for my list.


Hmm… For the sake of demo purposes, I pick a profile at random – Nandini Ramani, VP of Development at Oracle. I want to add her to a list. So, I click the button to the left of the “Follow” button and click “Add or remove from lists…”


After clicking the “Add or remove from lists…” I go through the prompts to create a list called “Job Search Networking” and mark it private as it is intended for my use only.

Of course, there is an even easier way of doing this, although it is not always an option. Simply put, do a search for Twitter lists others have created and save yourself the trouble of making one. Unfortunately, Twitter does not have a means for searching these lists. (Weird, I know.) Fortunately, you can use Google as a work around.  The following search on Google finds Twitter lists with the word “executive” in the title. subscribers members intext:list.subscribers intext:list.members “a public list” intitle:executive


So what do you think? Will you be adding Twitter lists to your job search strategy?