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Glassdoor Wants You to “Find The Job That Fits Your Life”

Posted by Glassdoor Team

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August 28, 2017

People come to Glassdoor to prepare for the big interview, to get paid fairly, to discover amazing companies, to apply with the touch of a button to their next big opportunity. While there are hundreds of job sites out there, Glassdoor is all about empowering you with the information, insights, and jobs so you can make the decision that’s best for you.

Whether you want to work with people that inspire you or you want to have more time for family or you simply want to get paid what you deserve, Glassdoor has everything you need to “find a job that fits your life.”

That’s right:  it’s not just a job, it’s your life.

With you in mind, Glassdoor is unveiling television and radio advertising on a national scale for the first time to augment our other marketing and word of mouth initiatives.

Our in-house design team partnered with Deutsch to produce creative that encompasses what we believe in as a company and the unique promise that only Glassdoor can deliver on. You may see the ad on television, hear it on the radio or even catch it online. Wherever you spot us, tell us what you think on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn @Glassdoor.

Meanwhile, the job that fits your life is out there. Use Glassdoor to find it.


To search open jobs on Glassdoor, visit Glassdoor jobs. To learn more about posting employer jobs on Glassdoor, visit Glassdoor for Employers.



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