Ford Motor: Test Drive from an Employee’s Perspective

Ford Motor has been pushing a lot of glitz and glamour out to the consumer market recently. Just yesterday the company said that they would be providing “The Jay Leno Show” with its all-new battery electric Ford Focus for a season-long contest called the Green Car Challenge, which will involve a series of well-known celebrities. And throughout the past few months we’ve seen Mike Rowe, commonly known for his Dirty Jobs show on the Discovery Channel, helping Ford (through advertising) rise from the ashes as the company powers through one of the toughest times in its existence.

CEO Alan Mulally, who has a 69% approval rating, has been credited with steering the automaker’s turnaround and has won an endorsement for an indefinite tenure from Ford’s chairman and the founding family’s senior representative at the company. But, as Mulally gets hailed for his achievements and Ford marketing is going full bore to reinvent itself in the eyes of consumers, are employees feeling the spark to live up to the ‘Ford challenge’?

A Ford Motor financial analyst from Dearborn, Michigan, winner of the August review of the month, shows that the Ford challenge is actually what may keep employees coming back to work day after day. The employee writes of his division: “Ford Finance is a highly regarded organization with a lot of strong processes and opportunities to learn. They like to rotate employees through different jobs every couple of years which is great for not getting stale and allowing for career development. Keeps things interesting.”

But job seekers beware, if you are a recent grad, the Ford challenge may not be right for you. In advice to senior management, the winning review points out that the company is losing a lot of top young talent who are choosing to go back to school full-time to pursue an MBA. To keep talent within the employee roster, the reviewer suggests bringing back a program that provides tuition assistance.

How do you feel Ford is doing? Have you driven a Ford lately?