Future of Finance Jobs

Given latest news report from Reuters, it looks like the recession could be on its way out. This news combined with reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that the finance sector is expected to make significant number of hires in the next few years shows promise for those entering or re-entering the industry.

Curious what you can do now to get ahead and get a job in the finance sector? For starters try checking the interview and company reviews at to see what current employees and job candidates advise and what the current temperament is like within a specific company. In addition, you can get up to date reports on what people are earning. For example, you can see what a finance manager makes at a number of different companies like American Express or Dell:

There are also some other useful innovative and informative resources that have cropped up recently that can help finance professionals get the edge they need to get the job. One comes from the Wall Street Journal—they have created a new web site,, which provides job seekers in the finance industry with a new tool to track down open jobs.

Another suggestion is to look out for networking events. David Gildea, a health care equities trader at Morgan Stanley, recently suggested on a ‘Future of Finance’ panel that college interns majoring in finance: “Go out and interact with people on as many levels as possible…Get involved in campus and charity organizations, and take everything in.” However, he urges that people “turnoff” the blanket e-mail that states, “Hey, I’m looking for a job.”