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6 Futuristic Jobs On the Rise – Apply Now

Technology is advancing – and so are jobs in our society. With new fields of work such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and 3D printing–the advances we’ve seen in technology have created new jobs that are becoming more and more popular. Whether you know about these technical advances or not, the reality is that these futuristic-seeming jobs exist now!

If you want to work at the forefront of technology, you’ll want to consider a career path in one of these positions on the rise. Good news is that companies are hiring like crazy for these roles today. Apply now!

1. Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Details about the role: As an Artificial Intelligence Engineer, you evaluate challenges and gaps to design possible solutions for designing, developing and fielding artificial intelligence solutions; conduct research on the adequacy and maturation of current research and shape the technical and programmatic direction.

Companies Hiring: Amazon, BOEING, Accenture, MINTRE, Lockheed Martin, Teradata, ManTech, U.S. Cellular, Stanley Black & Decker,  & more.

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2. Airspace Simulation Specialist

Details about the role: This position focuses on urban aviation and works to install, configure and analyze airspace simulations to determine the most effective systems for elevating urban air mobility and drone delivery efforts. As the Airspace Simulation Specialist, you would conduct real-time scenarios to pave the way for urban airspace.

Companies Hiring: Uber, GDIT, MTSI & more.

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Precise mechanics on robotic arm in industry

3. Robotics Technician

Details about the role: As a Robotics Technician, you provide operations and maintenance service to a fleet of robots. For example, if a robot fails during operations or blocks a pathway, your job is to perform maintenance repairs and support.

Companies hiring: ULC Robotics Inc., Sharp HealthCare, CBRE, EWI, Magna Exteriors, Jacobs, Daimler, Hyster-Yale, TechUSA & more.

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4. Drone Tester/Operator

Details about the role: As a Drone Operator or Tester, one can expect t manage a team of drone pilots to direct flight paths; manage mechanics; record and analyze data of flights; coordinate with the FAA and air traffic control and troubleshoot challenges in the field.

Companies hiring: Aerial Applications, ALQIMI, Sizzle Reel, HGTV, Airware, Jasper Contractors Inc., DroneDeploy & more.

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Designing product

5. Virtual Reality Developer

Details about the role: In the world of virtual reality, as a developer or engineer, you will be building features for the next generation of VR by bringing the vision of designers, artists and other engineers to life. You will be an architect to build the virtual world and experiences for clients in VR device platforms.

Companies hiring: Excell, Oculus, Vulcan, Artefact Group, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, PennState, Google, AIG & more.

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6. 3D Printer Technician

Details about the role: As a 3D printer technician, you’ll no only operate 3D print jobs, but you will perform maintenance and service production on 33D printers.  You’ll work toward accuracy and tolerance of mechanical drawings and make improvements and suggestions about mechanical performance.

Companies hiring: Arevo, System One, Kelly Services, Bastech Inc., Duncan-Parnell Inc., SprintRay & more.

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San Francisco, CA
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