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General Motors To Add 1,600 New Jobs; Employees Offer Insights To New Hires

Late Tuesday, General Motors announced that they are planning to increase their workforce in North America with 1,600 new jobs. As CNN reported, this news comes as part of a $890 million upgrade of five plants in North America. For those looking for work and who feel GM may be the company for them, Glassdoor has  insights into the company, direct from its employees.

Below are snapshots from among the 175 reviews on Glassdoor  designed to help get a better feel for what’s it would be like to work inside the walls of this US auto manufacturing giant…and  figuring out if this company is the best fit for you:

What it is like to work at General Motors:

The Pros…

“Salaries are in line with the rest of the industry. There are a variety of classes to upgrade or improve your skills.” – General Motors employee (Warren, MI)

“The company is reinventing itself post bankruptcy, so lots of challenges.” – General Motors employee (location n/a)

“Great products being introduced and would like to be a part of the turnaround” – General Motors employee (Detroit, MI)

The Cons…

“There were plenty of people in position of management at GM, who wouldn’t last a month in most companies.” – General Motors Purchasing Manager (Warren, MI)

“Cutbacks have created a ridiculous work load at times…Future skilled trades hires will still get the same good hourly rate, but with reduced benefits.” – General Motors Electrician (Location n/a)

“Work week was long, usually ranging from 55-65 hours a week, but at least I was paid for it.” – General Motors employee (Detroit, MI)

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If you do get a job interview, we’d love to get your feedback on the process.

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