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9 Amazing Gifts For Your Boss That’ll Score You A Raise

Posted by Amy Elisa Jackson

Last Updated December 6, 2016

You’ve made your list and checked it twice, but did you forget perhaps the most important person in your life other than your parents and significant other?? Yep, your boss. While it may have looked like brown nosing in the past to give your boss or manager a gift, these days it’s par for the course. Plus, it’s a smart business move.

Whether you’re angling for a promotion, want to say thanks, or even if you simply pulled your manager’s name out of the Secret Santa hat, don’t panic. We’ve got you covered with the perfect gift for every type of boss.

So before you buy that “World’s Best Boss” coffee mug, check out these awesome gifts that’ll make your supervisor think: “What a thoughtful gift from [YOUR NAME HERE]. I should give him/her a raise!" Note: raise is not guaranteed, bosses may vary.

For the hipster boss…
Mr. Beer Craft Brew Collection Beer Kit, $62.99
The Mr. Beer Craft Collection Beer Kit comes with everything you need to brew, and bottle 2 gallons of top quality beer. This kit includes the Mr. Beer Diablo IPA Refill, a two gallon beer fermenter, (11) 740ml reusable plastic PET bottles with caps and bottle labels, the Mr. Beer DVD brewing guide, and the Mr. Beer easy to follow four step brewing instructions.

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For the boss who has everything…
Marble Tic Tac Toe Set, $34.95
Infuse a bit of fun (and competition) into the workplace. This marble play set elevates the common game of tic-tac-toe to chess-set status in gorgeous white marble. A beautiful accent at play or on display.

marble tic tac toe set

For the funny manager…
I Survived Another Meeting That Should Have Been An Email Mug, $9.95
Let's be honest. We've all been in one too many meetings this year. Why not give your manager something to laugh about next time he or she is in a conference room for what feels like eternity. This ceramic mug is perfect.

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For the dreamer boss…
Welcome to the Universe: An Astrophysical Tour, $25.42
Show your boss that you're thinking outside of the box... way outside of the box. Welcome to the Universe is a personal guided tour of the cosmos by three of today's leading astrophysicists. Inspired by the enormously popular introductory astronomy course that Neil deGrasse Tyson, Michael A. Strauss, and J. Richard Gott taught together at Princeton, this book covers it all--from planets, stars, and galaxies to black holes, wormholes, and time travel.

welcome to the universe book large

For the pet lover…
Harry Barker Camper Bucket, $60
What better way to win your boss' praise than to shower his or her four-legged friend with a gift this holiday season. The camper bucket offers three natural rubber balls, a rope bone toy, canvas boat shoe toy, and Coastal Biscuit Chicken Chowder Treat Tin.

Harry Barker Camper Bucket

For the stylish boss…
Matzo Man Socks, $18.75
Can't go wrong with a comfy pair of socks for the Hanukah-celebrating head honcho. And you're sure to get a chuckle out of even the most professional boss with these socks that are a riff on the Village People song.

Screen Shot 2016 12 06 at 8.12.38 AM

matzo man socks

For the multitasking manager…
Let’s Do This Notepad, $8
Instead of gifting a book on meditation for the ever-so-busy boss in your life, just be an enabler. This pretty notepad will allow her to list to-dos for months to come.

lets do this npm013 lets do this 01

For the retro boss…
Polaroid 600 Instant Camera, $173
If your boss is always liking your #TBT posts and can't stop talking about how great the 80s were, give him or her the ultimate throwback gift. This iconic Polaroid 600 camera—complete with a built-in automatic flash and a fixed-focus lens—is a simple point-and-shoot that's fun, quick and easy to use.

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For the micromanaging boss…
Immerse Plus Virtual Reality Headset, $32
Give your manager something else to look at other than what you’re doing all day. Watch 3D moves and videos while experiences virtual reality. Compatible with many free and inexpensive VR apps, 3D movies and games. Just start the App, insert your phone into the headset and you're ready to go!

Screen Shot 2016 12 06 at 8.15.53 AM


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