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Glassdoor Celebrates U.S. National Apprenticeship Week

Are you looking for a career where you can earn while you learn? Today the U.S. Department of Labor is kicking off the first National Apprenticeship Week, touting the positive impact of apprenticeships in America – a lucrative option for job seekers to learn new skills or start an entirely new career while getting paid.

There are approximately 60,000 apprenticeship and trainee positions open in the U.S.*, ranging in experience requirements from no college to some college or work experience to a college degree.

OJT Finder

To help match Americans with apprenticeship and trainee opportunities, earlier this year Glassdoor unveiled On-the-Job Training Finder, an interactive job search mapping tool featuring openings that provide on-the-job training.

To start finding new opportunities, all job seekers have to do is visit the interactive map, search by specific city, and they’ll instantly see how many apprenticeship and trainee opportunities are currently available in each city.


Not sure where to start? Here are the Top 10 metros with the most apprenticeship openings*:

  1. Minneapolis, MN (578 openings)
  2. Los Angeles, CA (572 openings)
  3. New York City, NY (497 openings)
  4. Chicago, IL (471 openings)
  5. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX (340 openings)
  6. Boston, MA (333 openings)
  7. Washington, D.C. (296 openings)
  8. Houston, TX (276 openings)
  9. San Francisco, CA (253 openings)
  10. Philadelphia, PA (252 openings)

And here are some of the most in-demand positions offering on-the-job training*:

You can also search for apprenticeship and trainee positions on Glassdoor’s Job Search page. Make sure to select “Apprentice/Trainee” on the job type filter.

Get Involved: The U.S. Department of Labor is hosting events across the country for National Apprenticeship Week, click here to find an event near you. You can also follow the National Apprenticeship Week conversation on Twitter using #ApprenticeshipWorks.

Learn More: Want to learn more about apprenticeships? Still not sure what the difference is between an apprenticeship and internship? Read our blog posts on apprenticeships for more information.

Access OJT Finder: If you’re interested in integrating the Glassdoor OJT Finder in your website, simply register for a Glassdoor API account and a representative will send the embed code via email.

*All data as of 10/29/15 and determined using active job listings on Glassdoor, while taking into account job title normalization, which groups similar job titles.