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Glassdoor Celebrates Five Years Of Workplace Transparency

I’m often asked why I started Glassdoor. The answer is quite simple: To provide greater transparency into one of the most important facets of people’s lives – our work.

The longer answer to the question lies in the fact that it never seemed right that we chose to gamble several years of our working lives on little information. In the U.S., the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median number of years that wage and salary workers stay with an employer is 4.6. Prior to Glassdoor’s launch in 2008, there was more information available on the latest Apple iPod than there was on where to work. This was not right.

Today, as we proudly celebrate five years since our beta launch, we now live in a Glassdoor world in which workplace transparency fuels the career decision-making process. Job seekers, employees and employers are all coming together to the only career community that gives such a rich and detailed inside look at jobs and companies.

I am so proud of all that the Glassdoor team has accomplished in the past five years helping to connect the community across new platforms and throughout the world.

Finally, I can’t thank the 20 million Glassdoor community members enough – your support is what motivates us, and your feedback drives us to help make the job search and talent acquisition process more efficient.

Glassdoor highlights from the past year: