Glassdoor Community Gives Feedback on the Site

Here at Glassdoor, we love to hear from you—the good, the bad, the ugly. How has Glassdoor helped you? What improvements would you like to see to the site? We’re committed to transparency when it comes to salaries and job reviews, and feel this same theory should go for the work we do internally to bring you this level of transparency.

We thought we’d share some of the feedback and questions we’ve received from our members since it may also be relevant to others. Below are excerpts from emails we’ve received over the past few months and answers to your questions…


“Glassdoor gave me the chance to warn others about the misleading company I worked for, and after my lay off, it not only helped me weigh the pros and cons of prospective companies, but in one case, I specifically asked about comments I saw on Glassdoor, and heard about some red flags I probably wouldn’t have discovered until after joining.  A couple of years ago, I was floating the idea of starting a site like this with a coworker, but you guys nailed it.  Congrats and best of luck.”

“Thanks for the website. I find it very interesting to compare comments and salaries anonymously with my coworkers. I’m sure I will also look to your site when searching for a new job.”


“My question is, how do you finance this site? I cannot see any obvious advertisements, some Yahoo! only… I see some of the companies have their logos here and there, how does that work? Do they pay for that space? Is the information still guaranteed to be independent? I suppose they do not want to pay to be seen next to bad reviews… “

Glassdoor has a media-based business model. We have started incorporating display and search ads around jobs, which you may have noticed, however we are still very much focused on building out the community as effectively as possible. With that said, we strongly believe that there is great potential within Glassdoor for various types of advertising both within and outside of the career space. You can imagine ads focused on geography, income and expertise.

“I’ve submitted several times and still [my registration email] hasn’t come through to my email inbox after more than an hour. There is nothing in my spam folder either… Great site by the way, I was thinking just such a thing should exist and behold…it does:)”

If you haven’t yet received your registration email, please email us at We try to review posts within the first 48 hours. However, if we receive information from a company we don’t have details from, it will likely take longer to research. Note however, anyone completing a survey will have immediate access to the site information. Also, since a representative reviews every piece of content before it goes live to ensure it meets our community guidelines, which could cause delay if we need to validate information.

“I wanted to provide some feedback to encourage your team to pursue a partnership with job search aggregator sites… I think it would awesome for someone who is searching for say a “Project Manager” role in a particular company or industry on one of these sites – and then integrate information from Glassdoor…. And integrating with some key job search players – would provide an even broader base for getting salary information…. I find it extremely motivating to come across sites and services such as yours – which help people be more informed and make better decisions (prospective employees and employers).”

Yes. We agree as well. Look for Glassdoor information being available on other sites in the future…

Keep the feedback coming! Have questions about Glassdoor or suggestions of things you would like to see? Let us know by emailing us at or leave your comments below.

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