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Glassdoor Creates Widget Capability for Salary Details and Company Insights

Posted by Glassdoor Team

Career Advice Experts

July 30, 2009

The widgets are here! The widgets are here!

Now the best of Glassdoor data is ready to embed directly into your blog, article or online report – information like salary reports and company reviews on more than 26,000 companies can be easily inserted to help provide additional color and context when talking about a specific company or broad topics.

Want to see how a company compares to its competition, and discuss details with visuals on your blog? Now you can.

Want to discuss online how much software engineers earn? Easy to do with Glassdoor widgets.


Want to share online company insights from Mary Kay beauty consultant Reviews

No problem. (Hint: Slide your mouse over the hyperlinked keywords)

Want to discuss how the CEO at Deloitte is doing? We can help.

Here’s a Step-by-Step Overview of How to Access and Use Glassdoor’s Widgets:

Let's take for example that you are looking to share information on the highest average compensation packages  for software engineers. To access this information and utilize the widget, you must:

  1. Log on to
  2. Enter your login information (Note you will need to complete a salary or company survey in order to log in)
  3. Once logged in, make sure ‘salaries’ are selected in the first drop down menu box
  4. Then where it reads ‘company name or job title’ enter ‘software engineer’ in the search field and then click enter
  5. You’ll then see a screen appear listing all the software engineer salary reports submitted to Glassdoor.
  6. Find the drop down menu called ‘sort by’ box and select ‘avg. salary high to low’
  7. Once you have the information you are looking for, look for the ‘Share’ drop down menu located to the right of where it reads ‘Salaries for software engineer’ and then select 'embed'.

Software Engineers Salaries SHARE Drop Down Menu

8.    A new screen should pop up offering two forms of widgets in which to present the information on your screen.

  • The first option allows you to incorporate a box into your blog post that presents the information immediately.

Software Engineer Visual Widget

  • Or, the second option provides you with the opportunity to hyperlink a key phrase from within your blog post – so if you insert the phrase ‘software engineer salaries’ into a blog post and embed the HTML provided, you readers can slide their mouse over the keyword and a small box will pop up with the relevant information.

Software Engineer Link Widget

To see an example of how our widgets can be used, click here to view a recent blog on the Future of Finance.

This is our first step in making salary information and reviews more widely available and we appreciate any feedback you might have or suggestions on other portable tools and features you'd like to see in the future. If you have suggestions or questions about the new widget, you can leave a comment here or send an email to

For information about Glassdoor widgets' terms of use click here.

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