Glassdoor Updates

Glassdoor Debuts Free Content Syndication Program

For any Web site or blog that covers companies, salaries or anything and everything related to companies, you now have another resource.  Glassdoor today unveiled its free content syndication program and custom implementation with BNET, which has integrated Glassdoor into its Industry’s section.

With the new program, any Web site (such as an online news, financial, career and job sites and blogs) can complement and expand existing content about companies to include the best of’s exclusive data. This includes salary and other compensation data by job title for specific companies, as well as company reviews and CEO approval ratings.


For example, you can keep the readers of your blog or other online resource up-to-date on compensation for any of the 28,000 companies represented on Glassdoor. Or provide greater color to information on a specific industry by highlighting approval and disapproval ratings for CEOs at  specific companies that operate within that sector.

While BNET is the first premier partner to unveil a customized implementation (expect to see more in the near future) any Web site or blog can now also incorporate Glassdoor data instantly through the company’s new self-serve widgets. (See Accenture salaries widget below)

If you are interested in more information or would like to take advantage of the syndication program, email us at bizdev [at]