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Glassdoor Helps Launch New Consortium: Employers for Pay Equity

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Today, Glassdoor is especially proud to be a part of a growing list of companies committed to equality in the workplace – Employers for Pay Equity. Kickstarted by the White House Equal Pay Pledge earlier this summer, the consortium is comprised of 21 companies including Accenture, Expedia and Pinterest, working together toward the common goal of eliminating national pay and leadership gaps for women and ethnic minorities.

The announcement today comes in tandem with Women’s Equality Day, marking 96 years since women were granted the right to vote in the U.S. It’s a day of celebration for how far we’ve come, but even more, it’s a day to encourage one another to continue breaking down barriers.

Despite passage of the Equal Pay Act of 1963, which requires equal pay for equal work, the gender pay gap in the United States persists. According to Glassdoor research, women earn on average $0.76 for every $1 men earn on an unadjusted basis. However, even when controls for age, work experience, education, location, job title and company are applied, a 5.4% pay gap that cannot be explained still exists.

We believe companies are the key to eliminating pay gaps and we are delighted to join forces with other progressive companies to continue to make progress. As an employer and platform dedicated to workplace and salary transparency, we are committed to taking action individually and collectively to close the gap. Here’s a snapshot of Glassdoor’s efforts close the gap:

  • Our Economic Research team studied the gender pay gap and confirmed it is real and significant. Although the adjusted gender pay gap is smaller when controlling for factors including age, location and experience, it is still real and reveals a gender equality issue that needs to be addressed. The full study, Demystifying the Gender Pay Gap, can be found here.
  • We hosted the Glassdoor Pay Equality Roundtable with former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Glassdoor CEO & Co-founder Robert Hohman and Olympic Gold Medalist & World Cup Champion Megan Rapinoe, and other leaders. Taking place on Equal Pay Day, the conversation focused on the importance of salary transparency in closing the gender pay gap, as well as companies commitment to challenging any biases that exist. Learn more about the Roundtable here.
  • We released Glassdoor’s pay analysis publicly for the first time analyzing the compensation of our ~600 employees, revealing a 20 percent”unadjusted” pay gap in the average base pay between men and women. But when we control for age, job title, job level, department, and employee performance scores, the “adjusted” pay gap disappears. We commit to conduct this analysis for base pay and variable pay at least annually to ensure we prevent unintended bias in our compensation programs. Further, we are committed to continue to focus on efforts to attract, retain and advance women into higher paying leadership roles. See more in our blog “Glassdoor Reveals Employee Pay Data by Gender.”
  • In committing to help other employers in their own pay equality efforts, we launched a pilot program to conduct gender pay analysis through independent confidential economic research. Employers interested in being considered may submit their companies for consideration here.
  • We continue to help employers highlight their pay equality commitments to their employees and candidates via a Pay Equality Pledge badge that may be added to their company’s Glassdoor profile page. More than 2,300 employers have already promoted pay equality commitments on Glassdoor. Learn more here.

As a founding member of Employers for Pay Equity, we believe that through greater workplace transparency, we can meet the consortium’s mission of “ensuring that all individuals are compensated equitably for equal work and experience and have an equal opportunity to contribute and advance in the workplace.”

Join us in this effort by sharing your pay anonymously on Glassdoor to help others know their worth. Share your salary here. If you are interested in finding out more about Employers for Pay Equity, learn more here.