Glassdoor Updates

Glassdoor Introduces New Way To Access Jobs & Company Insights

We know keeping track of account usernames and passwords can be a drag so we’ve made it even easier to get unlimited access to Glassdoor’s more than 1.7 million company reviews, salary reports,  interview reviews and questions, and more.

Starting today, you can easily sign in to Glassdoor using your Facebook account (anonymously, of course!!!).

Rest assured: Signing in with your Facebook account does not mean Facebook sharing. We recognize how important your anonymity and privacy are to you, and your activity on Glassdoor will be kept private. We will never post anything to your Facebook wall (only you can do that!). What’s more none of your Facebook friends (including work colleagues) will be able to tell if you have stopped by to check out Glassdoor, nor will your Facebook profile be associated with any content you shared and had posted to Glassdoor. Right now, we’re all about making your life easier while protecting your anonymity. (For more info on how we work to protect your information, we invite you to read our privacy policy.)

If you’re a current Glassdoor user…click ‘Sign In’ which appears at the top right of you screen. Then select ‘Sign in with Facebook.’ If your Facebook account and Glassdoor account are associated with different email addresses, follow the prompts to sync your Glassdoor profile with your Facebook profile – or not; you may also sign on using the “old” regular sign-in process.

If you’re new to Glassdoor…you can sign in with Facebook or create a free Glassdoor account by clicking “Join Now” – also located at the top right of your screen.  Then select ‘Sign in with Facebook.’

We’ll keep you posted on developments and if you have any questions, let us know.  Remember, you can add insights on your job, company or interview to Glassdoor any time and if it’s been more than a year since your last update, we’d love a status check.

Also as an important reminder – you can share any company review, salary report or other data point via email, Twitter, Facebook or on your blog. To share via Facebook, select the Facebook icon that appears at the bottom of each review or report (check out the Wells Fargo example below) – but keep in mind when you share and who you might be sharing with.