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UPDATE: How To Use Glassdoor In Your Job Search – Mobile Edition

Update: The Glassdoor Android app is now available to download for free from Google Play.

Do you feel like you spend as much time, if not more, on your smartphone as you do a computer when it comes to your career? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Mashable recently reported that 26% of job seekers use their mobile devices for career-related purposes and another 59% could imagine doing so.

Whether you’re already comfortable using your phone for work or are interested in learning new ways it can help in your career, Glassdoor offers the following mobile ready resources that can come in handy during your job search.

Stay Current On Open Jobs. Want to stay on top of new jobs where you live?  No matter where you are, search millions of job listings on Glassdoor by job title, employer and location. This can help you maintain momentum during your job search process. Beyond seeing the open position, you will also see the rating employees have given the companies who are hiring. Plus, many job listings allow you to apply directly from your phone. If the only computer you have access to is a employer-owned computer, then applying for a job through your phone can help keep your job search discreet.

Glassdoor job search also allows you to share jobs with friends and family or email them to yourself to easily keep track of jobs you’re interested in.

Download the free Glassdoor iPhone app, Android app or visit Glassdoor from your web browser.

Research Your Earning Potential. Need to negotiate on the fly or curious what your earning potential might be in a particular job? Find salary information for specific job titles at more than 250,000 companies worldwide. Imagine you are sitting in an interview while the employer has stepped away for a few minutes. You can quickly pull up your phone and see what the company pays for the position you’re interviewing for plus what their competitors would pay – the more information you have, the better prepared you are to negotiate.

Get Employee Perspective On Companies Hiring. Check out Glassdoor’s company reviews and ratings to find out what employees really think about their job and employer. You’ll get their opinion on the work environment, compensation, benefits, perks, culture and more well before you apply or accept a job offer.

About Glassdoor Mobile: When you tap into Glassdoor from your phone, you get the scoop on salary and compensation packages as well as company reviews direct from employees. Best of all, the information is job title- and company-specific so no more guessing about what a company pays or what its work environment is like. And to top it all off, you also get the latest job listings that can easily be shared with your network. Download Glassdoor’s iPhone app for free from the App Store, Android app for free from Google Play, or visit Glassdoor from your mobile web browser.

How have you tried the Glassdoor mobile experience? Tell us what you think.