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Glassdoor Joins White House United State of Women Summit, Commits to Pay Equality Practices

Group Of Female Designers Having Meeting In Modern Office

Today, the White House Council on Women and Girls is convening the first United State of Women Summit in Washington D.C., a large-scale effort to rally together advocates of gender equality to highlight what has been achieved so far, identify the challenges that remain, and chart the course for addressing them. Glassdoor is proud to take part in the event, commit to the White House’s pay equality pledge, exercise pay equality at our company and serve as a catalyst for other employers across the United States and around the world. Read the full White House pay equality pledge and Glassdoor’s statement below; Also note Glassdoor reference in the White House Fact Sheet.)

Experts, advocates, grassroots and business leaders who work in both domestic and international arenas will gather to highlight key issues affecting women and girls. Several of the high profile individuals will also be speaking at the event include:

  • Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the President and Chair, White House Council on Women and Girls
  • Mariska Hargitay, Founder & President, Joyful Heart Foundation
  • Lilly Ledbetter, Equal Pay Champion
  • Warren Buffett, Chairman & CEO, Berkshire Hathaway
  • Jennifer Welter, First Female NFL Coach
  • Shonda Rhimes, Content Creator, ShondaLand

White House Pay Equality Pledge

We applaud the growing number of countries that have already made significant progress in closing their gender wage gaps. Despite passage of the Equal Pay Act of 1963, which requires equal pay for equal work, the gender pay gap in the United States persists. Women working full-time earn only 79 percent of men’s wages, and we are committed to taking action individually and collectively to reduce that national pay gap.

We believe that businesses must play a critical role in reducing the national pay gap. Towards that end, we commit to conducting an annual company-wide gender pay analysis across occupations; reviewing hiring and promotion processes and procedures to reduce unconscious bias and structural barriers; and embedding equal pay efforts into broader enterprise-wide equity initiatives. We pledge to take these steps as well as identify and promote other best practices that will close the national wage gap to ensure fundamental fairness for all workers.

Glassdoor’s Statement on Pay Equality Pledge

As an employer and platform dedicated to workplace and salary transparency, Glassdoor is proud to join with the White House to commit to advancing pay equality at our company and serving as a catalyst for other companies across the United States and around the world.

  • Glassdoor Commitment to Pay Equality as an Employer: Glassdoor has already conducted a thorough gender pay analysis of the compensation of approximately 600 employees and is publicly releasing not only the findings but also the method by which it was conducted to help other employers in their own efforts. While Glassdoor analysis reveals a 20 percent pay gap in the average base pay between men and women, when we control for age, job title, job level, department, and employee performance scores, the pay gap disappears. We commit to conduct this analysis for base pay and variable pay at least annually to ensure we prevent unintended bias in our compensation programs. Further, we are committed to continue to focus on efforts to attract, retain and advance women into higher paying leadership roles. See more in our blog “Glassdoor Reveals Employee Pay Data by Gender.”
  • Glassdoor Pay Transparency Helps American Workers Pay It Forward: Glassdoor believes greater transparency around compensation can illuminate pay inequities at companies and empower workers and employers to take positive steps to close pay gaps. We encourage workers everywhere to anonymously share their pay on Glassdoor to help others better understand what is fair and equitable compensation for specific jobs at specific companies. To help close the gender pay gap, share your pay on Glassdoor.
  • Glassdoor Supports Other Employers’ Pay Equality Efforts: Glassdoor is committing to help other employers in their own pay equality efforts and is launching a pilot program to conduct gender pay analysis through independent confidential economic research. We will continue to help employers highlight their pay equality commitments to their employees and candidates via a Pay Equality Pledge badge that may be added to their company’s Glassdoor profile page. More than 2,000 employers have already promoted pay equality commitments on Glassdoor. See more in our blog, “Glassdoor Launches Gender Pay Data Analysis Pilot Program for Employers.”

We believe that through greater workplace transparency, the power and voice of people and the positive actions by employers, we can collectively make meaningful strides toward closing the very real gender pay gap and ensure all people everywhere are paid fairly for equal work and experience.