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Glassdoor Launches in Italy!

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Glassdoor is excited to launch another new domain: Italy (! We are excited to announce this domain after the launch of our Spain domain earlier this month ( Given our commitment to international growth, we are excited to share these new domains to deliver on our mission to help people find a job and company they love.

Italy is a major European economy with large workforces and a large number of both multinational and national employers. The new localized desktop and mobile site will provide a better user experience, including more relevant jobs, reviews and other job and company insights.

Glassdoor already has tens of thousands of reviews and salaries from people in Italy, while Italian job seekers and employers alike are excited to have a more robust Glassdoor presence and embrace the transparency Glassdoor brings.

Glassdoor commissioned a survey conducted online by The Harris Poll among more than 750 adult employees and job seekers in Italy. The survey of Italian job seekers revealed:

  • 85% of Italian job seekers and employees say job realities tend to differ from expectations set during the interview process
  • 84% of Italian employees report they wish they had a better understanding of what fair pay is for their position and skill set both at their company and in their local job market
  • 77% of job seekers and employees in Italy report they would find reading current and former employee reviews helpful when deciding where to work
  • 77% of job seekers and employees in Italy say finding the right workplace culture would be more important to them than earning more money when searching for a job

This data proves Italian job seekers are eager to find a job and company they love. And, global employers such as Accenture, Deloitte, Reply and IBM are just as eager to hire this talent.

“When job seekers have access to the latest jobs and become more informed about a job and company, we know it leads to a better match with the employer,”  said John Lamphiere, Vice President and Managing Director of Glassdoor EMEA. “With increased focus on Italy, we are looking to make the Glassdoor experience for people and businesses in Italy even more valuable.”

If you’ve been eyeing a move to Rome, or currently call Naples or Milan home, use Glassdoor to find the job that fits your life!

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