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Glassdoor Helps Kick Off Fundraising Campaign for Marin City Kids; Benefit Concert On 8/29

2017 08 21

Music is a powerful tool many use to express themselves, but for students at Bayside MLK Jr. Academy in Marin City it’s been a largely unavailable art form, with a small arts program that is hindered by lack of funds. Marin City is an unincorporated part of Marin County, where 95% of students qualify for lunch assistance due to income levels.

Mill Valley-based Glassdoor, one of the largest tech companies in Marin County, is helping to kick off a 60-day fundraising campaign to help the newly created nonprofit for Bayside MLK, The Center for Excellence, achieve their goal of placing an instrument in every student’s hand (third grade and above) by 2018. It’s an ambitious, but not impossible, goal. Organizers estimate they’ll need to raise roughly $70,000 in donations and instruments in order to give as many children as possible a chance to play an instrument.

As part of the campaign, there will be a one-night-only benefit concert at the famous Sweetwater Music Hall on Tuesday, August 29, 2017. Transparency, Glassdoor’s house band of talented employees and volunteers, will perform to help drum up monetary and instrument donations for Bayside MLK students. Doors open at 5:30 pm, with the band taking the stage at 6:00 pm. The family-friendly concert is open to the public, with a $20 suggested donation at the door or an instrument donation, all tax deductable.

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Monetary and instrument donations can be made throughout the campaign. Collection bins are located at Glassdoor (100 Shoreline Hwy) in Mill Valley and Bayside MLK Jr. Academy (200 Phillips Dr) in Sausalito. Donations will also be collected at Sweetwater Music Hall on the night of the concert, and online donations can be made through the campaign’s GoFundMe page: Help Bring Music to Marin City.

Jonnette Newton, retired principal and now a music teacher at Bayside MLK, knows first-hand how music can alter your life, and wants to make sure her students have the same opportunity.

“Music kept me in school. When I found the music room and fell in love with the instruments, it was a pivotal moment that put me on a track to graduate, one I would not have been on otherwise without music’s influence,” Jonnette said. “This early exposure to music not only inspires student’s own creativity and expression, but enables them to participate in band and orchestra ensembles once they reach high school.”

Glassdoor employees are teaming up together internally to drive funds and collect instruments too, and Glassdoor’s Community Door program will match employee donations.

“Being a good neighbor is an important part of our DNA at Glassdoor and our employees are committed to helping the kids in Marin City,” said Dawn Lyon, Glassdoor SVP & Chief Reputation Officer. “Our hope is through fundraising and volunteering, we can provide access to important programs, like coding, arts and music, that can have lasting benefits for these students.”   

The collaboration between the school’s staff and Glassdoor, a partnership that began last year, has already made an impact on students said Barb Killey, a Center for Excellence board member.

“Glassdoor’s support has changed our goal from overwhelming to completely doable!” Barb said. “Their passion for helping BMLK children receive the benefits of arts education that are available to other Marin County school children is genuine, and their enthusiasm is contagious.”

For more information about the benefit concert at Sweetwater Music Hall on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 at 6 pm, or for questions on how to donate, email or call 415-339-9105

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