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Glassdoor Reveals Salary Ranges for All Roles

Posted by Christian Sutherland-Wong

Chief Executive Officer

Last Updated May 19, 2023
|2 min read

Driving workplace transparency is and remains a cornerstone of Glassdoor since the beginning. The work will always continue, but we are committed to shining a brighter light within our walls and beyond.  Today, we are continuing our commitment to salary transparency with our annual publication of Glassdoor salary ranges for each and every role at our company.  We share this information for three reasons:

  1. Our commitment to transparency as a business and with our product.
  2. Job seeker visibility into how we pay across the entire company.
  3. Ability to access information relevant to your pay, regardless of whether you choose to come to work at Glassdoor, so that you can determine if you are being paid fairly for the work you do.

Transparency is key to pay equity and essential for employees and job seekers making their own informed career decisions.  As we continue to unlock more valuable insights for job seekers into employers everywhere, we will continue to adopt and practice the same level of transparency directly within Glassdoor’s own business.  

What Glassdoor Employees Get Paid

Provided below is a snapshot of Glassdoor salary ranges-  this can be filtered by country and department, too. 

As part of our pay transparency efforts, we are also sharing the specific salaries for the Glassdoor senior executive team*. 

  • Christian Sutherland-Wong, Chief Executive Officer: $550,000
  • Andy Chen, Chief Product Officer: $450,000
  • Danny Guillory, Senior Vice President & Chief People and Diversity Officer: $386,200
  • Owen Humphries, Chief Operating Officer: $450,000
  • Rodrigo Oliveira, Chief Technology Officer: $450,000
  • Amanda Runner, Chief Marketing Officer: $386,200
  • Robert Hohman, Co-founder and Chairman: $400,075


*Glassdoor executives who have shared roles within Recruit Holdings are not included in the salary disclosure.