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Glassdoor Site Update: Awards & Ratings

You spoke, we listened.

If you logged in this morning, you may have seen some changes on Glassdoor we wanted to highlight.

Company Awards & Accolades

We now have a new section for each company page, called “recent awards and accolades” that includes workplace and industry awards we’ve found from public sources.  For example, you can now quickly see if a company was honored as one of the Best Places to Work on or if it has been recognized as a green company.

By visiting the company reviews tab on Glassdoor and selecting a specific company, you will be able to view awards and accolades that a company received during the past 3 years.  Did we miss something? No worries: simply click the “add an award” button on the respective company page to submit other awards we may have overlooked. Our goal is to help companies tout aspects of their workplaces that are a source of pride for employees and that’s also helpful in recruitment.   Here’s an example of the awards section on the Southwest company reviews page:

CEO Approval Ratings

We’ve also improved how we calculate CEO approval ratings.   Previously, we included a rating of 3 or “no opinion” as part of our calculation, which didn’t accurately reflect the intent behind “approval” and “disapproval” ratings we show for each CEO.  To improve the usefulness of the rating, we’ve removed the “no opinion” from each calculation and now just report the percent of those who “approve” (4 and 5 ratings) and the percentage who disapprove (1 and 2 ratings).  Now the percentages add to 100% and should be simpler to track over time.

For example, Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly now holds a 94% approval rating where as previously he held a 91% approval.

Thanks to all those who have provided us feedback on how to make Glassdoor better. And, stay tuned as we will be introducing more features in the months ahead.  Keep the comments and questions coming – Contact Us.