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Glassdoor for Students Makes it Easy to Find Internships and Entry Level Jobs

To help students get a leg up on their job search, Glassdoor for Students is a free resource customized to meet the specific needs of today’s students, allowing them to find and research the latest internships, entry-level jobs and salaries, career tips and more.

Here’s how Glassdoor for Students can help students everywhere find jobs they love:

Find the right job for you

Glassdoor for Students has taken the guesswork out of the job search process by providing a customized tool that allows anyone to search for entry-level jobs or internships by company, job title or location. In addition, students can filter their search by job posting recency, company rating and more.

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Research different jobs and careers

Students can get a snapshot of what popular jobs and specific careers look like across a host of industries including finance, retail, IT and sales. Want to find out what you could earn as a software engineer? Find this and more, including the cities hiring the most for a specific job title, the top paying companies in a particular industry, and a complete overview with benefits and downsides of that career.

Get an inside look at thousands of jobs and companies

Not only can students find internships or entry-level jobs through Glassdoor for Students, they can also access Glassdoor’s millions of company reviews, interview reviews and questions, salaries, benefits reviews, company photos and more. This information comes from those on the inside of the company to help you make a more informed career decision.

Get free unlimited Glassdoor access

While most job seekers have to give a review, salary report or other user-generated piece of content to get access to Glassdoor, students can bypass this give-to-get model. Students get free, unlimited access to Glassdoor when they sign up with their student email address! Sign up here:

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