Glassdoor Updates

Glassdoor Takes Its Own Medicine

We spend a lot of time here at Glassdoor thinking about transparency – how do we use it to help everyone make better career decisions?

We’ve been working on solving that fundamental question for awhile now, and to be honest – before we launched we weren’t really sure how our hard work would be received. Now that we’ve launched however, things have changed – we’re no longer just making “good guesses” – we’re fortunate to have an engaged community that will tell us what we’re doing well, and in some cases not so well.

Thankfully the feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive, but in the spirit of practicing what we preach we wanted to share some of the feedback we’ve received from members of the Glassdoor community – the good, the bad and the ugly. So here it is for all to see:

  • (+) Easy of use

    Many users have written in to let us know that the site is well-designed and easy to use. That’s great feedback, especially when I know we can make it even better (and now that we have a full-time designer you’ll begin to see a difference). In the end, I think this is a real point of differentiation for us – we have salaries for a job at a company, not just a job – and when compared to other services I would have to agree that it’s easier to find the information that matters most to you.

  • (-) Need location-based search or filtering

    Of all our critical feedback, this is the clearly the issue that gets the most attention (1-3 emails a day). And I have to admit it’s well-deserved. Thankfully we’re already working on designs for allowing you to search for salaries and company reviews by city. It gets a lot more complicated when you throw in our international cities because we need to consider other currencies but that just makes it harder not impossible. We’ll get there soon.

  • (+) Quality of the content (balanced, thoughtful, constructive)

    I remember when we launched there were quite a few naysayers who thought we would be another venting site for disgruntled employees. Well, we proved them wrong. In fact, we have more positive reviews than we have negative (we’ll dig deeper on that in later blog post). Part of the reason we’re able to achieve such high standards is because our “give-to-get” model ensures a more balanced cross-section of all employees, but more importantly we review every post before it goes live on the site to ensure it meets our Community Guidelines and quality standards.

  • (-) Not enough international content

    Our international launch generated some serious buzz and it more than validated our suspicion that the need for workplace transparency would know no borders, but it still takes time to get the “give-to-get” model going. For the US, we launched with a solid foundation of employee generated content – but for all our international countries it was harder to tell users to post content of their own if there was nothing to see for their country. With time this issue takes care of itself, and it already has for many of our top countries, but it will require some time to get the word out for our other countries.

  • (+) Great customer care

    Many of our users have written in with an issue or question, and are often surprised when they get a personal email response (let alone from our CEO or VP). Well, we do our best to respond to every email and if it’s an issue we can fix – we promise to do our best. In many cases, such as the search issue above, we’re not just responding to the issue but letting you know that the solution is already in the works (which always helps!).

  • (-) Not anonymous enough

    A few users have said that our service is not anonymous enough for their situation – for example, let’s say they’re the only one with that job title in their office. Well, we want to remind everyone that there are ways to post your salary or review without risking your anonymity. For posting a salary, you don’t even need to specify your company (which means nobody will know it’s you) and for reviews you don’t even need to tell us your location or job title (that’s pretty anonymous). We’re looking for other ways to allow everyone to participate and already have a few ideas, so stay tuned.

  • (+) Always getting better

    This is some of the best feedback to receive. First and foremost, it’s always great to see that our users love the concept behind Glassdoor. Many write in wishing that we were around when they were looking for their last job, but even more write in excited about how the site just keeps getting better. It’s two things – the more content we have the better the experience, but we also have a team of all-stars that are able to continue releasing new features every month. We plan to continue keeping with that tempo of new features, there’s a lot more to come!

I hope that sheds a little light on what we’re thinking about at Glassdoor. Like I said, we’re fortunate to have such an engaged community and we want to keep it that way – so expect more of these in the future. We’re listening to all of your feedback, so please keep it coming!