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Glassdoor Turns 7 Years Old!

We are proud to celebrate turning the big seven! It’s been an exciting journey so far as we champion greater workplace transparency. In honor of the big day, we wanted to share just a few of the recent pieces of feedback we have received from job seekers, employers and media that made our day. Thank you to all who have contributed to Glassdoor and shared feedback with us on how to make our site better. We are on a mission to help people find jobs they love and help companies recruit the best talent… and, we’re just getting started!

7 Great Pieces of Feedback on Glassdoor and 7 Fun Facts:

“I appreciate what you have developed and designed here at Glassdoor. I have utilized your site for few years now. The business world is taking notice. You probably already know this, but through developing transparency and allowing an outlet for employees of various companies give their opinions and reviews gives an element of satisfaction and in long-term will help companies develop or review their culture.”

  • Did you know…There are 400,000 companies featured on Glassdoor – up from 250 when we launched in 2008. And we now welcome more than 30 million members from across 190 countries.

“Years ago, a colleague introduced me to Glassdoor when an ex-employee wrote some pretty negative things about my current employer on your site. From then on, I just assumed, Glassdoor gave a platform for disgruntled employees. However, your website popped up when I was trying to help my college graduate son land his first job. Your site came up when I searched for the job title of the company. From your site, I was able to work with him to find all the questions that would be asked in the interview for this particular job. He had his phone interview with this major employer yesterday and there wasn’t one question that was asked that was not listed on your site. Glassdoor is a goldmine of information for the job seeker! He said passed that phone interview and now has an in-person interview next week. Thank you Glassdoor.”

  • Did you know…Glassdoor has 8 million company reviews, salary reports, interview questions and reviews, benefits reviews, or office photos. And that’s just the company insights – pair this together with millions of the latest job listings. We had just 3,000 reviews and salary reports when we started.

“Hey, just wanted to say that Glassdoor is super awesome. I’m a student looking at potential employers and being able to run a preliminary review on the company I’m looking at really helps me evaluate my options.

  • Did you know…students can get free accounts on Glassdoor? Meaning we don’t require students to share an insight about a current or past work experience in order to gain access to the full community.

“A year ago, most CEOs I spoke with didn’t seem to know or care about Glassdoor. But now more than half of the CEOs I speak with mention their Glassdoor reviews in our first meeting. They are all suffering from a case of sudden onset “Glassdoor angst” — the kind of public accountability that makes most CEOs profoundly uncomfortable.” ~ Bob Corlett, Business Journals

  • Did you know…3,000 employers sign up for a Free Employer Account each month. Why? Because it’s a first step for employers when managing their brand, reputation and recruiting efforts. It allows employers to add their voice to the conversation happening on Glassdoor around the clock. In fact, CEOs like Zillow’s Spencer Rascoff uses his account to personally respond to his company’s reviews.

“At VMware, the candidate journey is a priority for us, and we know Glassdoor is used as a main resource for candidates when they’re making big career decisions. We use Glassdoor to share important aspects of our workplace culture with candidates, from the Homepage banner to Enhanced Profile to Job Ads. Glassdoor helps us connect with candidates and gives them an “inside look” into life at VMware.”

  • Did you know…More than 2,100 employers are advertising their open jobs on Glassdoor. Why? Employers recognize that when their job listings are surrounded by valuable insights about the work environment, culture, compensation and benefits packages, candidates have clearer expectations and in turn are likely to be a better fit for open positions.

“The new Job Explorer is SO awesome!! Please continue to keep up the great work with ideas like this.”

  • Did you know…Vice President Joe Biden thought it was pretty cool too. In fact, you can see Biden at the National Governor’s conference talking about the power of Glassdoor. What is Job Explorer? It’s an interactive job search mapping tool that allows you to see what other jobs you could apply to based on what others with similar experience went on to do.

“I am looking to switch jobs and Glassdoor is the best thing that could have happened to me during this phase. The website is so comprehensive, thoughtful and amazing! Good going! Good Luck!”

  • Did you know…we really appreciate all this great feedback! Truly. It is posted on the walls throughout our offices as it drives us to keep creating positive change in the jobs market.

Have thoughts on what would make Glassdoor even better for job seekers, employees and employers? Share your comments below.