Glassdoor Updates, In the News Employees’ Choice Awards: 2011 Best Places To Work Winners Revealed

178598388We’re proud to announce the results of the 3rd Annual Employees’ Choice Awards which recognizes the 50 Best Places to Work for 2011. Unlike other workplace awards, our awards are not about company financials and growth rates nor does it involve elaborate self-nomination packages. The Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Awards are simply based on the opinions and ratings of company employees.

This year the #1 Best Place to Work for 2011 is a company that has changed the way many of us communicate and share information – Facebook.  This Silicon Valley powerhouse brings in a 4.6 company rating and CEO Mark Zuckerberg receives a 96% approval rating. Facebook’s company rating along with high ratings in other areas like compensation & satisfaction, employee morale and work/life balance all contributed to making this the highest rated employer on Glassdoor over the past year.

Following Facebook is last year’s top Best Place to Work, Southwest Airlines, which received a 4.4 company rating, followed by Bain & Company at a 4.3 company rating. Closing out the top five, both with a 4.0 company rating are General Mills (#1 in 2009) and Edelman.

Here’s what some employees are saying at the top companies:

“The energy and direction of the company! There’s plenty of opportunity to take on new responsibilities and build the future of Facebook.”  – Facebook employee (Palo Alto, CA)

“The company was founded on the principle that in order to succeed you need to treat your co-workers as well as your customers. This had led to industry leading salaries, benefits and a fabulous place to work.” – Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant (location n/a)

“Always interesting and challenging, hardly ever boring, never menial. Everyone here is super intelligent and motivated. They really take care of their employees.” – Bain & Company employee (location n/a)

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To learn more about the top 50 workplaces, please visit our Best Places to Work: About page where you’ll find answers to many of the top questions we receive.

Previous winners:

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Congratulations to all the 2011 Best Place to Work award winners!