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Get to Know Glassdoor’s New CPO and CTO

Posted by Glassdoor Team

Career Advice Experts

Last Updated Dec 7, 2021
|4 min read

Glassdoor today announced two new additions to our executive team: Andy Chen as chief product officer and Rodrigo Oliveira as chief technology officer. These exciting hires bring a wealth of experience to Glassdoor and reflect our commitment to further innovate and bring deeper transparency to workplaces everywhere.

Andy will lead Glassdoor’s product, design, and community teams, overseeing strategy, innovation, and execution across our full suite of products, including workplace insights, salary information, and employer branding. He joins us from Match Group, where he spent the past 11 years and most recently served as senior vice president of the company’s innovation team, +1Labs. 

Rodrigo will spearhead technological innovation at Glassdoor and oversee the engineering team responsible for our websites and mobile platforms, as well as our software engineering, data platform, and machine learning teams. He brings more than two decades of deep technical experience and most recently was WW’s chief technology officer.

We spoke with Andy and Rodrigo about making the leap to Glassdoor, what their best advice is for leaders, and more. 

What made you want to join Glassdoor?

Andy: I loved the mission-driven culture at Glassdoor. After working at Match Group — which owns dating platforms like Tinder,, and Hinge —  it was important for me to join another great company that had a purpose and a mission I could really get excited about and believe in. Instead of helping people find love, I now help people find jobs they love. Along with finding someone to spend your life with, what is more important than helping people find purpose in the work they do with people who inspire them and for a company that allows them to truly be themselves?

I am also excited about the future of work and the role Glassdoor will play to help shape it. Over the past two years during the pandemic: how we work, where we work and even the work we do has fundamentally changed. I expect that change will only continue as work becomes more remote and borderless and I believe that Glassdoor is well-positioned to use our trusted brand, products and technology to make the nature of work better for employees and the companies they work for.

Finally, the people of Glassdoor have blown me away. It’s a special place. It’s hard for me to put my finger on exactly what it is, but words like smart, ambitious, and innovative quickly come to mind as well as humble, warm, and caring.

Rodrigo: When I decided that it was time for a new adventure, I created a list of criteria. 

  1. An amazing team: I wanted to surround myself with a team I could learn from, contribute to and would make me excited to come to work.
  2. A company with a purpose: I wanted to work for a company that had a clear and positive impact in the world.
  3. A great match for where I am in my career and where the company is on its journey: I was looking for an inspiring tech company that was looking to transform their space through innovation. 

I realized very quickly that Glassdoor fit, and exceeded, my criteria. Everyone I’ve met so far has been amazing, which I am confident is a reflection of the team as a whole. I love our purpose and our mission and feel Glassdoor is the perfect place for where I am in my career. 

What’s the best leadership advice you’ve been given?

Andy: I have two. First, focus on your strengths. Know what you are good at and then really lean into it. Normally, what you are good at is easy for you and gives you energy and confidence. That energy and confidence bleed into other parts of your work and can help to lift overall performance across the board. Now, this doesn’t mean don’t worry about your weaknesses. It is equally important to be aware of areas of growth and to surround yourself with a team of people that compliment you. But it will be your strengths that help you stand out.

Second, never stop learning. It is the single greatest advantage one can have for personal growth and career development — especially in today’s world where everything changes so quickly. And learn about completely new subjects and areas of study. It is during those explorations when you find inspiration, innovative thoughts and empathy for others.

Rodrigo: Be curious. Stay curious. I have both heard and given this advice many times in my career. It applies to everyone regardless of level, especially in technology. The moment you stop being curious — the moment you assume you know all there’s to know about any specific topic — is the moment that you stop learning and your mind and ideas begin to age.

What’s a fun fact or something about you we wouldn’t know?

Andy: My father was an expat, so my sister and I grew up all over the world. I’ve studied at 10 different schools and lived in 5 different countries. That experience made me highly adaptable and gave me a deep appreciation for different cultures and new ways of thinking.

Rodrigo: My very first job was as a coach for an under-10 girls soccer team. If it only paid well enough, I would still be doing it today. 
We are thrilled to welcome Andy and Rodrigo to the  Glassdoor Executive Team and look forward to their leadership to help us help you in finding a job and company you love.