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Getting Engaged: How Glint Employees Practice What They Preach

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For a company that strives to “help people be happier and more successful at work,” creating one of the best company cultures in the country is a must. And for Glint, it’s their entire business. The start-up combines organizational science, revolutionary technology, and intuitive design to help companies measure and improve employee engagement. In addition to using their own surveys to monitor internal Glint culture monthly, they rely on Glassdoor reviews.

Employees rave about the generous benefits, unlimited PTO, transportation reimbursement and company happy hours. However, one perk is celebrated in review after review: the inspiring mission.

One employee wrote, “We are lucky enough to work for a company whose mission is to make people happier and more successful at work!!! How awesome is that?” A Glint engineer added, “Casual and fun culture, nerf gun wars, ping pong tournaments, offsite archery and sailing, unlimited snacks, you name it. We make software for employee engagement and we practice what we preach everyday.”

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Glint has been named one of the 2018 Best Place to Work through Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice Awards. As a small business under five years old, the strides Glint has made — juggling platform growth and employee engagement — are impressive.

We caught up with Glint’s VP of People Alexandra Coonce to uncover the secrets of their success.

Glassdoor: Congratulations on your huge “Best Places to Work” win! How does it feel to know that your employees made this win happen?

Alexandra Coonce: I’m extremely proud. Our employees are so committed to building a company that has impact and I’m thrilled that they are inspired enough to share their feedback publicly so the world can see what a special place we’ve created.

Glassdoor: What have you done this year to foster employee trust and engagement?

Alexandra Coonce: Glint is all about people success, and we make a platform that helps organizations increase employee engagement, develop their people, and improve their business results. We use our own platform monthly to take the pulse of our team, and our executive team and all of our managers invest a lot of time to read through and internalize the results. We share the results every month at our all-hands meeting, along with the action items we’re going to focus on. Ultimately, we’re fostering trust and engagement by responding to what we’re hearing from our team, encouraging ongoing conversations among managers and teams, and making meaningful changes together to improve how we’re building our company.

Glassdoor: Your employees love working here as we see the strong rating on Glassdoor – How do you do it day in and day out?

Alexandra Coonce: Day in and day out people love working at Glint because there’s a deep sense of purpose and we’re having fun. When you’re challenged with something as ambitious as reshaping the way the world’s most admirable organizations operate, you’re constantly learning and growing, as individuals and as a team. And when it starts to take hold, and you see the industry transforming because of what you’re doing, it’s not only incredibly rewarding, it’s a blast.

When it comes down to it, we are building really cool things that are meaningful, and people feel it the moment they walk in the door. We hear from our customers all the time about the impact our platform and our team are having on their abilities to achieve their goals. One customer recently threw a pizza party for our team to thank us for the experience we delivered. That’s when you know you’re onto something big.

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Glassdoor: Good leadership is not just one person – How do you work with your CEO and management teams to make sure employees have great leadership here?

Alexandra Coonce: We’re fortunate to have experienced leaders who are very accomplished, and who are extremely humble and curious. There’s never a sense that “management knows best.” We have a real coaching culture at Glint, and it goes in both directions. When I first started, our CEO, Jim Barnett said to me, “I’m really looking forward to learning from you.” I remember thinking, What could I possibly teach someone who’s been a successful CEO longer than I’ve been employed? It’s that mindset that everyone is a leader and has something important to contribute that drives real accountability and stronger results, and holds our executive team and managers to a higher standard.

Glassdoor: When you’re hiring, what do you look for in informed candidates?

Alexandra Coonce: We really mean it when we say hiring is a mutual selection process. It’s a huge mistake to convince someone to join your team without allowing them enough time to truly understand what they’re signing up for. So we spend a lot of time with candidates asking about what they’ve learned during their conversations and from what’s out there on the internet. We want to ensure first that they have a deep understanding of our culture and values, and second that they’re aligned with our mission and what we’re trying to achieve. Those two factors come before skills fit, and holding true to that philosophy without compromise is what’s allowed us to build an exceptional team.

Glint’s values are really simple: we look for and encourage positivity, authenticity, connection, and transformation. We ask people to choose positivity in the face of adversity. Basically, to trust that they can find the solution. We lead with authenticity, and value each individual for who they are and what they add to our culture. At Glint, you can show up as you, know that you have a voice, and expect to be heard. We celebrate human connection and value conversation over technology. And finally, we embrace transformation and push ourselves to redefine what’s possible.

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Glassdoor: What interview questions do you like to ask potential Glinsters?

Alexandra Coonce: My favorite question to ask is, “What are you passionate about?” I don’t care if their response is work-related or personal, I just want to understand what gets someone up in the morning and brings them happiness. People are often thrown by that question because they’re expecting us to start out of the gate asking about their work history. We can read that online. But if we can get you excited in an interview, teaching us about something you love, it helps us support you as an employee at Glint because we can figure out how to tap into similar experiences that drive you and bring you joy.

Glassdoor: If you could speak to millions of job seekers interested in Glint, what would you want them to know about what it takes to succeed at Glint?

Alexandra Coonce: That’s easy – it takes a passion for our mission. Between our people and our platform, we have the power to transform the way we work and the way organizations support their employees. If you’ve ever worked somewhere where you didn’t feel you had a voice, you understand the importance of what we’re building. People who thrive at Glint let that passion drive them and have an attitude of ownership: of the company, their own career development, and the culture we’re crafting together.

Glassdoor: As an employee, what keeps you at Glint?

Alexandra Coonce: I’ve never been this happy or fulfilled in my career. I get to work alongside incredibly talented, passionate, and caring people who are building the stuff I’ve been dreaming of for my teams for years.

It’s so fun being a People person at a people-focused company. The company is buzzing with expertise around how to create awesome, healthy, high-performing companies and I am learning every day. But it’s not by accident — it’s a very deliberate part of my goals and I have opportunities to reflect on how I’m challenging myself to grow in my weekly meetings with our CEO. That’s really special and not easy to find.

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