Google CEO says Goodbye to Apple Board

eschmidtIn what some are calling inevitable, Google CEO Eric Schmidt has stepped down as a member of the Apple board of directors as the two companies continue to compete directly in a few key areas, most directly on the mobile devices front.  In a statement, Apple CEO Steve Jobs notes that the decision was mutual as Schmidt was increasingly having to excuse himself from meetings due to the competitive nature of the topics being discussed.  This news also comes on the heels of an FCC investigation into Apple’s rejection of Google Voice as an application for the iPhone.

Will this change within the Apple Board lead to more competition and better products and services for consumers? How will the competitive pressure impact employees?

As of where we are today, the competition between the two is on a pretty even playing field, at least when it comes to employee satisfaction.   In terms of CEO approval rating, Jobs weighs in with a slightly higher approval rating (91%) than Schmidt (87%), although both of these ratings are nothing to sneeze at.  In terms of the company rating, Google’s score is a touch higher, at 4.0, than Apple’s 3.8.

Google Reviews – Glassdoor Review
Apple Reviews – Glassdoor Review

Bottom line is that employees at both organizations are fairly satisfied working for these companies, but will the competition, specifically in the mobile market, begin to take effect on employee satisfaction sooner rather than later?  As we expect the marketplace to heat up, both Jobs and Schmidt can rest assure that their employees are happy…for now.