Google Stays at #1: Do Yahoos Have G envy?

You may have caught in the news that Google continues to reign supreme in terms of search. In a recent study by comScore, Americans used Google for 63.3 percent of all searches, up 0.3 percent from January, with 8.3 billion core searches.  

As we chatted about this at Glassdoor, Tim — a former Yahoo employee – talked about how the competition between Google and Yahoo was a source of constant internal discussion: How can we be better than Google? What services can we push harder to beat out Google? What is Google doing that we’re not? And so it would go.  

But does the same happen at Google? Are they equally concerned about Yahoo or are they preoccupied with other things? 

Interestingly we found that 10% of the more than 250 Yahoo employees that completed a company review on Glassdoor had Google on their mind, but when we looked at the 400+reviews submitted by Google employees, not one employee mentioned Yahoo.  What’s causing Yahoo employees to talk about the competition? Is it envy or worry?  Google has a notably higher company satisfaction rating than Yahoo, not to mention that Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt has a CEO approval rating already 30 percentage points higher than Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, who assumed the reins in January. 

Glassdoor Report: Google v. Yahoo
  Company Rating CEO Name CEO Rating
Google 4.0 Eric E. Schmidt 88%
Yahoo 3.3 Carol Bartz* 58%

* Bartz was announced as CEO on  January 13, 2009 and has a  limited number of reviews; Jerry Yang had a 34% approval at his departure. 

As we dug into the company reviews on Glassdoor, we discovered that Yahoo employees are commenting on more than just popular search rankings. Here are some of the recent Yahoo employee comments regarding Google that reveal opinions related to benefit perks, talent and overall reputation: 

“Google outshines it, so you will continuously feel bad about that, despite the fact that it is a good company and leader in many areas other than search. For example, Yahoo is number one in Mail, Messenger, Finance, News, and Sports, only in Search it is number two to Google, but unfortunately Search is the biggest money maker due to its highly monetizable business model (explicit intent).” – Yahoo VP of Engineering (Sunnyvale, CA)

 “Yahoo never recovered from losing the search war to google, and the company morale reflects it.” – Yahoo Engineering Manager (Sunnyvale, CA)

 “No need to waste all the resources on search when Google is so far ahead. It will be good for yahoo if it can pay more attention to other areas.” – Technical Yahoo (Bangalore, India)

 “The perks aren’t as good as google” – Yahoo Software Engineer (Santa Clara, CA)

 “Get out of the shadow of Google. Yahoo! is still a great company with many great people. Improve decision making. Get rid of dead wood.” – Yahoo Senior Systems Business Analyst (Sunnyvale, CA)

Here’s a sample of what other Yahoo employees have to say about the “pros” of working for Yahoo (without mentioning Google): 

“It’s an informal place, fun and entertaining. There a re a lot of intersting projects and many possibilities to learn and stay uptodate with the newest technologies. The salary and the benefits are quite good, above average in the industry.” – Anonymous (Munich, Germany) 

“free latte, young and competent coworkers, nice gym, good compensation package. friendly people with most of them genuinely trying to excel at their jobs.” – Yahoo Program Manager (San Francisco, CA) 

“A great place to grow professionally. free coffee. awesome training and development opportunities. the most amazing and engaging conversations I’ve ever had in any job. Great people! Amazing energy at this company!” –  Yahoo User Experience Manager (Santa Clara, CA) 

“There are not a lot of companies out there where just about any new product gets 50+ PR mentions and thousands of users on Day 1 of its release. That’s just the coolest thing in the world. And I love the challenge of coming up with pretty broadly appealing mass market products – how am I going to make something that works for at least half the Internet?” – Yahoo Product Manager (Sunnyvale, CA) 

Google and Yahoo employees – what do you think? 

Stay tuned to see how leaders in the mobile manufacturing industry compare – who talks about whom?

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