11 Great Jobs for Sociology Majors

Broadly, sociology is the study of societies, social relationships, and culture. Because the field is so broad-ranging, a degree in sociology prepares you for a wide variety of jobs. These jobs range from ones where you work individually with people, like as a substance abuse counselor, or study broader cultural trends, like as a market research analyst. The study of sociology equips you with a variety of skills – for ideas on how to put these skills to use, we’ve collected a list of jobs where your sociology degree can translate into a high base pay and copious job opportunities.

Guidance Counselor

Average Base Pay: $49,053

Number of Open Jobs: 1,756

Description: Guidance counselors work with all age levels of students, from elementary school to college, to help them plan for their future, find their way socially, and flourish in their academic environment.

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Project Manager

Average Base Pay: $75,474

Number of Open Jobs: 102,541

Description: Project managers are employed across a variety of industries, from technology to construction. Project managers help to manage, plan, budget, and document specific projects that a company is working on.

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Marketing Specialist

Average Base Pay: $50,528

Number of Open Jobs: 13,014

Description: Marketing specialists may work across all aspects of a marketing department, including creating messaging and images for marketing campaigns, managing social media accounts, brainstorming and developing ideas for campaigns, and conducting market research.

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Substance Abuse Counselor

Average Base Pay: $32,884

Number of Open Jobs: 3,005

Description: Substance abuse counselors work with people of all ages, from teenagers to octogenarians, to help recover from substance addiction and prevent relapses.

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Admissions Representative

Average Base Pay: $46,148

Number of Open Jobs: 3,033

Description: Admissions representatives function as the gatekeepers to academic admissions offices. Among many duties, they schedule and conduct interviews with prospective students, travel to recruitment events and maintain email and phone correspondences with students and parents interested in a school.

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Average Base Pay: $53,743

Number of Open Jobs: 6,793

Description: Paralegals work closely with lawyers to draft legal documents, interview clients, conduct research, and file motions. Paralegals may specialize across a wide variety of industries, from healthcare to real estate.

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Average Base Pay: $45,845

Number of Open Jobs: 1,625

Description: Journalists conduct interviews, do research, and craft articles. The job also often involves attending events, proofreading, fact-checking, and establishing contacts with a wide variety of sources.

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Associate Consultant

Average Base Pay: $70,174

Number of Open Jobs: 10,836

Description: Associate consultants help a consulting team conduct research, prepare presentations, write reports, prepare deliverables, and design solutions to a client problem. Often, the role of associate consultant requires travel.

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Special Education Assistant

Average Base Pay: $52,727

Number of Open Jobs: 11,800

Description: Special education assistants work with teachers to tend to the needs of special needs students, including helping the teacher instruct the students, and helping students move between classes, eat, use the bathroom, and ride the bus.

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Market Research Analyst

Average Base Pay: $57,599

Number of Open Jobs: 3,975

Description: Market research analysts provide data, insights, and research to marketing and sales teams. Regular job functions include gathering customer data, completing surveys, conducting interviews, analyzing data, and writing market research reports.

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Public Relations Specialist

Average Base Pay: $58,360

Number of Open Jobs: 4,911

Description: A public relations specialist might work either in a PR firm in or in the PR department of a larger company. The goal of a public relations specialists is to broadcast a positive image of a company or an organization through brainstorming public relations strategies, drafting press releases, speaking to the media, and organizing promotional events.

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