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Why Should We Hire You?': How to Answer in an Interview

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Last Updated August 5, 2021

Guide Overview

Why employers ask 'Why should we hire you?'How to answer 'Why should we hire you?''Why should we hire you?' example answers

Guide Overview

Preparing for the 'Why should we hire you?' interview question

Interviewers commonly ask candidates 'why should we hire you' in order to hear in your own words why you think you're the best candidate for a position. Because this is such a common question, it's important to have carefully thought through your response in advance, since you're essentially delivering a sales pitch for why you're the top candidate. Reviewing possible responses to this question can help you prepare your own. Learn why employers ask this question and how you can answer the question successfully.

Why employers ask 'Why should we hire you?'

An employer asks this question to hear in your own words why you think you are most qualified for the position and to measure how well you will fit into the company culture. Oftentimes, the candidates who make it to this stage in the hiring process have already been vetted and are qualified for the job to some degree. By asking this question, the interviewer is asking that you sell them on why you’re the best person for the role.

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How to answer 'Why should we hire you?'

Follow these steps to tell an employer why they should hire you:

1. Review the job description

The first step in coming up with a great answer to this question is reviewing the job description and fully understanding what the company is looking for in a candidate. Your response should explain why you, as a candidate, best meet those requirements.

2. Match your qualifications

Carefully evaluate the job description and take notes on the qualifications that align with your own skills and abilities. You should be able to succinctly explain to the hiring manager how your background fits what they’re looking for in a candidate. You should also look for other ways that you’re a great fit for the position beyond what they’re looking for.

For example, you may have gained prior experience working in the industry, earned a certification, or developed a skill in a prior position that will enable you to add value to the company above and beyond what they were looking for in a candidate.

3. Discuss the impact you’ve had

As you think through your response to this question, keep in mind that the hiring manager is ultimately interested in what you’re capable of and what you can do for them. The best way to impress your abilities upon them is to discuss what you’ve accomplished in other roles.

Look through the company website to better understand its history and roadmap. You may also want to search online to find media mentions for the company. Understanding where they’ve come from and what direction they’re heading in as a company will help you discuss how you could fit into that equation, make their lives easier, and deliver results to move them further in the direction of their goals.

4. Highlight how you’ll fit in

One of the reasons that the interviewer is asking why they should hire you is to determine whether you will be a fit with their own team. You can address this by showing them how your personal and professional traits will make you an asset to the organization. Review the company’s social media sites and website to better understand the company culture and highlight how you will fit in.

5. Show enthusiasm

Your resume can show them that you’re willing and capable of doing the work for the job. However, an enthusiastic attitude will show that you want that job specifically, and that you’ll have a positive attitude towards the specific responsibilities required for the role.

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'Why should we hire you?' example answers

Reviewing examples can help you better craft a response to this question for yourself. Here are five samples for you to consider:

Example 1

‘There are a lot of reasons, actually! Not only does my educational background fit what you’re looking for in a civil engineer, but I also grew up working in residential construction. My father owns a construction company, and I helped him in all areas of the business, from putting together proposals to using the software to helping with the actual physical constructions. Even though I’m just finishing my bachelor’s degree, I have over a decade of experience in the industry in similar roles.’

Example 2

‘This hiring process has been extremely thorough, so I’m sure the candidates you’re bringing in are all excellent and highly qualified. However, I saw on your website that you’re planning to launch a new website soon. As you saw on my resume, I have extensive project management experience, and I began my career as an IT professional. That puts me in a unique position to manage future projects you’re planning and offer guidance and assistance on any other IT initiatives you have planned.’

Example 3

‘I know I’m a recent graduate. However, throughout college, I volunteered for various charitable organizations where I directly assisted with the marketing and promotion for events. I also served as the philanthropic chair for my sorority in college, which helped me hone my organization and time management skills. I heard about your company approximately a year ago and have been closely monitoring your website for openings since, so I’m extremely excited for the opportunity to interview for this great position!’

Example 4

‘I have an unparalleled work ethic that stems from my time growing up on a farm, where the day doesn’t end at 5 p.m., but instead when the job is done. I worked all throughout college and still managed to graduate with a 3.8 GPA. I have always worked well as part of a team and even was able to obtain leadership experience in my last job, as I was given the team lead position at the restaurant in which I worked.’

Example 5

‘I’ve spent the last two years working as a tutor, which helped me develop my ability to be patient while still focusing on goals and progress. So both my degree and the hands-on experience I earned working with young students qualify me for this position.’

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