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What Are the Highest-Paying Hourly Jobs?

Posted by Glassdoor Team

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Last Updated Jun 29, 2021

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What Does 'Hourly' Mean?Highest-Paying Hourly Jobs

Guide Overview

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If you're looking for a job that offers a higher salary, try searching for the highest-paying hourly jobs. You might be shocked to discover that some of these hourly paying positions can offer you salaries greater than $150,000 per year.

What Does 'Hourly' Mean?

Being paid hourly means you get compensated for the number of hours you work during the week at a set rate. An administrative assistant, for example, might earn an average rate of $16 per hour. If that individual works 30 hours a week, their take-home pay for the week is $480. Unlike salaried employees, hourly workers are required by law to receive overtime pay if they work more than 40 hours a week. The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. Some jobs, however, pay as much as $100 an hour. Let’s learn more about the highest-paying hourly jobs and what it takes to get them.

Highest-Paying Hourly Jobs

Many jobs pay well hourly in a wide variety of fields. Some you can do from home, while others allow you to travel, but none of these fascinating professions are dull. Below is a list of 18 of the highest-paying jobs by the hour:

Financial advisor

Average base pay: $29 per hour  A career as a financial advisor can be incredibly lucrative and offers a very important service: giving clients advice about how to manage their money. The responsibilities of this position include helping individuals accumulate wealth and eliminate financial risk. If you are interested in being a financial advisor, you’ll need to earn a bachelor’s degree and might benefit from becoming a certified financial planner.

U.S. Marine Corps officer

Average base pay: $42 per hour In the Marine Corps, officers such as lieutenants, majors, and colonels serve as managers of their respective military departments. Every officer has a special job, depending on their Military Occupational Specialty. To become a Marine Officer, you must apply to become an Officer Candidate and complete the Officer Candidate Course.

Tattoo artist

Average base pay: $24 per hour If you’re not afraid of needles and love art, tattoo artistry might be your calling. As a tattoo artist, you can make as much as $50,000 a year. You won’t need a college degree in art history, but you will have to complete an apprenticeship program to become a professional tattoo artist.

Political speechwriter

Average base pay: $25 per hour You can earn up to $100 an hour writing inspiring speeches for politicians running for office or who already have seats in public office. To become a political speechwriter, you must be a deft hand at writing and have a bachelor’s degree in English or communications.

Health coach

Average base pay: $23 per hour If you are looking for a well-paid job that also provides a wonderful service, you might be interested in becoming a health coach. Health coaches work closely with their clients, identify the root causes of health issues, and focus on preventing disease by promoting total body wellness. To become a health coach, you should have an undergraduate or a graduate degree in an applicable discipline before gaining more experience through job positions, internships, or volunteerism.

Wedding planner

Average base pay: $22 per hour A wedding planner designs, plans, and manages clients’ weddings. Working couples employ wedding planners to focus on sourcing wedding venues and suppliers. You don’t need any specific certifications or degrees to get started in this profession, but you can certainly benefit by learning the ropes from an established wedding planner.

Interior designer

Average base pay: $24 per hour When you become an interior designer, people pay you to use their homes as your blank canvas. Interior designers can make up to $100 an hour, and because every project is different, they never have a dull moment. While you don’t need a formal education to pursue this career, some interior design firms might require you to obtain a state license.

Police officer

Average base pay: $24 per hour A police officer swears to defend and protect the people in their community. They ensure drivers follow traffic laws, respond to emergencies, and patrol areas where crime might occur. They can arrest and detain individuals accused of breaking the law. They often document any action they took in detailed reports. To become a police officer, you must complete police academy training.

Commercial pilot

Average base pay: $50 per hour You’ll get a thrill as you cruise through the skies as a commercial pilot. Commercial airline pilots can easily make more than $100 per hour as they travel all over the world. You can begin applying for this line of work if you have experience as a military pilot or if you have a bachelor’s degree and have completed Federal Aviation Administration flight school.


Average base pay: $164 per hour An anesthesiologist plays an incredibly important role during surgeries. They administer the drugs that control pain and place the patient into an unconscious state prior to the procedure. This profession is not only important, it’s also high-paying. To be considered for this position, you must be an M.D.


Average base pay: $118 per hour An orthodontist can make more than $110 an hour helping correct patients’ dental issues, including tooth and jaw alignment. They also help keep teeth from overcrowding in children’s mouths and supply their patients with braces and retainers. With an orthodontic license in hand, you can help your community and your bank account.


Average base pay: $28 per hour You don’t need a particular degree or take certain classes to become a copywriter. You only need to be able to produce persuasive, sales-oriented writing to earn as much as $150 an hour. Successful copywriters help their clients earn massive returns on their investment in your writing.

Senior creative director

Average base pay: $42 per hour Put your creativity to good use by becoming a senior creative director. This job’s responsibilities include spearheading a company’s advertising and marketing departments as well as managing the creative team.


Average base pay: $103 per hour Psychiatrists can make more than $105 per hour and provide treatment for a variety of mental disorders and conditions. If you’re interested in this field, you must go to medical school and then be certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.


Average base pay: $41 per hour Animal lovers can find themselves a wonderful and rewarding career as veterinarians. They treat their animal patients for injuries and provide owners with advice on how to give a pet a long and healthy life. While this job can be very lucrative, it does require a lot of study. Veterinarians must receive a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, which takes about four years to complete, in addition to a bachelor’s degree.

Simultaneous interpreter

Average base pay: $27 per hour A simultaneous interpreter listens to a speaker and translates their words into a different language as they talk. On average, a simultaneous interpreter can make more than $102 per hour, and with the rise of online meetings, you can often perform this work from home. To excel in this position, you must be able to speak multiple languages at an expert level.

Product reviewer

Average base pay: $31 per hour If you have a fine eye for detail and can clearly describe the pros and cons of a product, you could have what it takes to be a product reviewer. Product reviewers can make more than $100 an hour and work almost exclusively from home. To begin your career as a product reviewer, you should have a particular niche to focus on and a blog or a YouTube channel so you can post your review and gain a following.

Commercial video effects artist

Average base pay: $33 per hour A commercial video effects artist, also known as a VFX artist, can make $100 an hour while working from the comfort from their own home. A VFX artist uses computer software to combine computer-generated images with live action scenes to create an amazing, realistic-looking shot. Working as a VFX artist will require you to spend many hours doing detail-oriented work like creating backgrounds for scenes shot on a green screen, adding massive explosions, or even changing an actor’s eye color frame-by-frame. You don’t need to pursue a higher education to become a VFX artist, but you must know how to use programs such as Nuke, Adobe After Effects, and Maya. You can find plenty of interesting and rewarding jobs that pay well hourly, many of which are not only flexible but can also be done from home. Find thousands of lucrative jobs today by searching on Glassdoor.

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