How to Increase Your Income as an Event Planner

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Everything You Need to Know To Earn More as an Event Planner

Being an event planner can be a fun and exciting job where you get to meet new and interesting people. You can also be working long hours without much sleep. You should get paid what you deserve for the amount of work you do. Here are some suggestions to make what you deserve for the incredible amount of time you put into your career.

Event Planner Skills That Will Increase Your Pay

Be knowledgeable about trends

Many people will want the latest and newest trends incorporated into their events. You should be knowledgeable about fashion, music, design, and other trends. A bride will not want to walk down the aisle in last year’s gown. Be online and get subscriptions to designer magazines to up your game and know what everyone will want in the coming months.

Be Organized

A quick way to lose money is to be unorganized. You have to be on top of everything going on with your event. What time is the DJ getting there? When is the photographer coming? Where are you ordering the flowers and how much is a good price? You should be able to know at the flick of a finger what is happening when and where. Calendars and reminders are an absolute must in the event planning industry.

Have a large network

The larger your network the better your event. You want to have as many florists, djs, bands, designers, and others in order to plan the best events. Get in touch with someone who has wedding dance lessons. Being able to offer dance lessons as part of your package will make you more desirable to your clients. Make sure the people in your network are reliable and are organized. You want to have confidence in the people you are working with.

Event Planner Career Path Choices That Will Increase Your Pay

Get Your Hospitality Degree

Whether you have an Associates or a Bachelors in Hospitality you will have acquired the skills you need to boost your event planner career. A hospitality degree will help you with being organized, building your business, networking, and more.

Take a Public Speaking Course

As an event planner, you will not be giving many speeches, but you may need to be able to speak to people at some events. If this is the case, you do not want your job to be your first exposure to public speaking. A public speaking class will boost your confidence and make networking and talking to your clients easier.

Marketing Degree

You can help yourself now and in the future by getting a Bachelor’s in Marketing. This will help you keep up with the latest trends and show you how to do more for your client. This degree will help you interact with people and learn how to business-speak in the event planner world.

Event Planner Career Path Choices That Will Increase Your Pay

How to Get a Raise as an Event Planner

According to Glassdoor salary reports, event planners earn a median base pay of $50,688 per year, and can expect additional cash compensation between $636 - $13,106 in the form of commission, tip and profit sharing. To earn a raise, consider the following steps:

Build Up Your Client Base

Networking with caterers and bands will help you with your business, but networking with clients can help boost your pay. The more people who know about you and how good you are at event planning, the more opportunities will come your way. Be sure to give your clients extra business cards so they can pass them around. Ask your clients to mention you to their friends and family so your name can get around to people who have seen what you are capable of.

Be Choosy

As your business gets busier you can be more choosy about who you deal with. You can pick a client that will pay you more over a client that wants to use you and not pay as well. Remember to work with clients that have recommended you to people who pay more. You want to keep that relationship going for future business. The better your client pays, the more you will make.

How to Get a Raise as an Event Planner

How to Get Promoted as an Event Planner

Talk to Management

When you are planning an event at a hotel or reception hall you want to be sure to talk to the managers of the establishment. Get to know them and make sure they know you. The managers will be more likely to tell potential clients about you if you work hand-in-hand with them. If an event is at a pricey location you want to be sure to follow the advice of the general manager so your event runs smoothly. A happy manager will be more likely to give you better business recommendations.

Thank You Notes

A thank you note goes a long way in today’s digital society. Handwritten a thank you note to your clients. They will appreciate the effort and will be more willing to give your name to people. You can include a few business cards for them to pass along. The more people who have your name, the more likely it will be that your clientele list broadens.

How to Get Promoted as an Event Planner

How to Get a New, Higher Paying Job as an Event Planner

Being an event planner can be fun and exciting. You can also take what you have learned in your career and use it to get a new, higher paying job. There are many different jobs in the field to choose from. With your education and skills you can be earning more in no time.

Catering Sales Manager

Mean Annual Wage: $55,000

Degree Required: Bachelor’s degree in hospitality or related field

Wedding Planner

Mean Annual Wage: $55,000

Degree Required: Associates or Bachelors in hospitality

Marketing Manager

Mean Annual Wage: $120,000

Degree Required: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Marketing

How to Get a New, Higher Paying Job as an Event Planner

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