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An Overview of Human Resources Job Titles

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Last Updated June 29, 2021

Guide Overview

What are the different human resources job titles?Top human resources jobsHR leadership rolesHR management rolesHR administrative rolesHR specialist roles

Guide Overview

Reviewing human resources job titles

If you want a career in human resources, consider the various human resources jobs that are available in different industries. By understanding the human resources job titles hierarchy and reviewing different HR position titles, you may be able to find one that suits your education qualifications, skills, and work experience. Let's start by reviewing the top titles in human resources.

What are the different human resources job titles?

The different human resources job titles can include HR generalist titles, HR director titles, and many other HR position titles. A company’s HR department is responsible for advertising the available HR job titles and descriptions, and for interviewing, hiring, and training employees for open roles. The responsibilities of each position will vary according to its specific requirements as well as the seniority and experience of the candidate. Let’s find out about different human resources job titles, the average salary for each, and the common duties for the roles.

Top human resources jobs

Whether you are a student interested in exploring a future in human resources, a new graduate seeking a human resource career, or an experienced professional looking for a career change, you will find these human resources job titles useful.

HR leadership roles

Here are some HR director titles and other leadership positions:

VP of HR

Average Base Pay: $146K per year

The vice president of human resources is an administrative role that involves developing HR business plans, implementing HR business objectives, reviewing financial reports, and providing consulting assistance to the company’s management.

HR director

Average Base Pay: $98,274 per year

HR directors often oversee the company’s HR responsibilities in a particular region. They plan the annual HR departmental budget, handle human capital issues, and buy HR technological equipment and software for the company.

Director of recruiting

Average Base Pay: $75,036 per year

Recruiting directors are responsible for handling talent acquisition for the company. They collaborate with the company’s senior leadership, oversee the recruitment budget, plan and implement the hiring strategy, and manage the recruiting team.

Chief diversity officer

Average Base Pay: $137K per year

A chief diversity officer is concerned with planning and implementing diversity initiatives to increase workforce diversity, to create cultural awareness, to improve employee relations, and to comply with applicable laws.

Chief HR officer

Average Base Pay: $155K per year

A chief HR officer develops and executes the company’s HR strategy, usually coordinating with the company’s executive team and board of directors to realize overall business goals.

HR management roles

Here are HR position titles for management roles:

HR manager

Average Base Pay: $78,377 per year

HR managers may oversee the HR department and handle a variety of tasks. These can include conducting interviews, recruiting employees, supervising staff, determining benefits and compensation, developing training programs, and resolving employee issues.

Recruiting manager

Average Base Pay: $51,826 per year

Recruiting managers are responsible for the entire recruiting process. They handle the budget and create recruiting plans, strategies, and reports. They often collaborate with coordinators, recruiters, and sourcers.

Compensation manager

Average Base Pay: $105K per year

A compensation manager is in charge of handling various compensation and benefit plans for the company’s employees. These can include employee health and life insurance, dental and vision health plans, employee assistance programs, and tuition reimbursement. They also implement the company’s pay system and determine correct pay rates for different work positions.

HR business partner

Average Base Pay: $85,425 per year

HR business partners provide consultative support to the company’s HR department. They help with developing and implementing policies, improving work relationships, and managing employee benefits and compensation.

Employer brand manager

Average Base Pay: $89,823 per year

Employer brand managers are skilled in recruiting, marketing, management, mass communication, and public relations. They team up with marketing experts to advertise open positions and promote the employer’s brand using print content, online articles, social media postings, and search engine optimization tactics.

HR administrative roles

Here are titles in human resources for administrative roles:

HR coordinator

Average Base Pay: $43,745 per year

An HR coordinator is responsible for overseeing various administrative tasks and creating systems to streamline these. They may write, file, and maintain reports, plan and organize official events, schedule interviews, and process payrolls. HR coordinators also create and manage company newsletters and facilitate communication between different company departments.

Payroll coordinator

Average Base Pay: $44,761 per year

A payroll coordinator handles everything related to payroll-related tasks. They will oversee and process payrolls, maintain reports, and keep track of expenses for employees and company events.

Recruiting coordinator

Average Base Pay: $47,262 per year

A recruiting coordinator manages applicant tracking systems, works with external recruiters, schedules interviews, and prepares hiring reports.

HR generalist

Average Base Pay: $53,330 per year

HR generalists may create and implement HR policies, draft internal documents, handle employee recruitment and interviews, evaluate employee performances and compensation, resolve employee-related issues, and more.

Benefits administrator

Average Base Pay: $52,453 per year

A benefits administrator oversees the planning and operations of group benefits programs like disability plans, retirement plans, worker’s compensation plans, and life insurance plans.

HR specialist roles

Here are HR job titles and descriptions for specialist roles:

HR specialist

Average Base Pay: $51,115 per year

HR specialists handle various administrative tasks, such as screening candidates, arranging employee orientation, providing employee training, and processing payrolls.

HR talent sourcer

Average Base Pay: $66,300 per year

HR job sourcers are responsible for creating candidate databases to find and select skilled candidates for vacant positions. They may look for candidates online and carry out phone screening to shortlist the promising ones for interviews.

HR trainer

Average Base Pay: $44,458 per year

HR trainers organize orientation programs for new employees and arrange for training and development programs for existing employees from different company departments.

Job recruiter

Average Base Pay: $49,315 per year

Job recruiters plan the company’s recruiting strategy, keep track of open positions within the company, and specialize in hiring and selecting qualified candidates for these roles.

HR information specialist

Average Base Pay: $42,355 per year

HR information specialists stay updated on the latest HR recruiting systems and technologies. They make sure that the technologies align with the administrative tasks of the HR department and use them to maintain employee data records.

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