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In-Demand Skills in the Workplace

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Last Updated December 17, 2021

Guide Overview

What are in-demand skills?25 in-demand skills in the workplace today

Guide Overview

In-demand skills at work

With the workforce regularly changing and adapting to the current needs of today, so too are the skills required by employees to keep up with the ever-evolving job market. Whether you are new to a position or are have been in your current job for years, there's a good chance you'll need to learn or increase your knowledge and abilities related to one or more in-demand workplace skills. Here we explore what in-demand skills are and 25 of the top skills employers look for in candidates.

What are in-demand skills?

In-demand skills are skills that are most sought after by employers and are necessary to perform certain duties relevant to today’s workforce. Many of these skills are related to the technology industry and positions in the technology field. An in-demand skill can be either a hard or soft skill, but most of these skills are hard skills learned through education or training.

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25 in-demand skills in the workplace today

The following are 25 of the most in-demand skills that can help set you apart from the competition:


Adaptability is a soft skill that allows individuals to readily adapt to changes in the workplace. Because organizations are constantly changing to embrace the ever-evolving workforce, this skill is essential for employees in various positions.


Creativity is a very important skill in the workplace and applies to positions across all industries. Knowing how to creatively approach problems and develop new ways of performing tasks and solving problems is an important skill that is highly sought after by employers.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is your ability to evaluate, understand, and respond to both your own emotions and those of others. It allows you to appropriately handle your responses and act in a professional and thought-out way, rather than an emotionally rash way. This is a transferable skill that is valuable in nearly every type of job.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a hard skill that requires knowledge of how to perform migrations, negotiate contracts and terms with cloud service companies, and make sure that data security is in check. This type of skill is most commonly needed by cloud engineers.


Many companies are now utilizing blockchain, or the technology that supports cryptocurrency, to decrease cash flow discrepancies and lower costs associated with transactions. This tool allows companies to make transactions between each other without having to go through a financial institution such as a bank.

UX design

User design is an essential component of digital marketing and is in high demand by employers.

Video production

Video production refers to someone’s ability to edit and create a video using modern technology. This skill is often necessary for marketing and design professionals.

Analytical reasoning

Organizations often seek out candidates who can accurately and effectively make sense of data and develop insights that allow businesses to make lucrative decisions.

Business analysis

Business analysis allows a person to make sound business decisions through the process of analyzing information. This skill has become increasingly popular in recent years and is one every professional can benefit from.

Scientific computing

Engineers, data science employees, software architects, and other computer science professionals are often required to have scientific computing skills. These skills include the ability to use analytical and statistical methods to large data sets using software such as Python.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a skill that allows individuals to use the power of AI to increase machine learning and language processing. This supports an organization’s ability to create more personalized and creative services and products that meet consumer needs.


Team-based work is more common in the workplace than ever before, and knowing how to effectively collaborate with others will ensure you function well as part of a team and complement the team’s overall goals.

Mobile app development

Because so many consumers use their mobile devices to shop, mobile app development is an in-demand skill many companies need.


Java is a popular programming language that many programmers and computer science employees must be knowledgeable in to keep up with today’s workforce demands.

UI design

User interface (UI) design is the ability to create interfaces for various platforms that are user-friendly and promote conversions.

Storage systems and management

Companies who regularly deal with large quantities of inventory must have employees who are proficient in storage systems and management.

Data mining

Data mining is the act of noticing patterns in large sets of data and using this information to guide businesses in making decisions and predict outcomes.

Social media

Nearly all companies utilize social media in some capacity, so all marketing professionals and social media employees must know how to use the various features of social media platforms.

Content writing

Content writing is an essential component of a strong digital marketing strategy and is an in-demand skill for marketing and SEO professionals.

Content management systems (CMS)

Most companies utilize content management systems to create and publish content on the web and to manage their website. This is a necessary skill for marketers and other digital professionals.

Customer service

Employees with positions that require contact with customers must have strong customer service skills to effectively handle customer orders, returns, questions, and concerns.

SEM/SEO marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) are two important marketing skills needed for digital marketing positions. These skills allow marketers to increase online visibility, encourage conversions, and increase organic site traffic.

People management

People management skills allow you to build relationships, motivate your team, and understand the needs of an individual to help them reach their goals. This is an essential skill for employees in management positions.

Machine learning

Machine learning is the use of statistics to find patterns in large quantities of data by studying computer algorithms. It falls under the artificial intelligence umbrella and is an in-demand skill for many technology-based companies.

Web architecture and development framework

Web architecture and development framework refers to the ability to work with software frameworks to reduce the complications associated with web application development.

Network and information security

Network and information security is a person’s ability to secure a network at an organization to ensure there are no breaches in the security of a company’s databases.



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