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The Qualities of a Good Employee

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Last Updated June 29, 2021

Guide Overview

Understanding the qualities of a good employeeQualities of a good employee

Guide Overview

Understanding the qualities of a good employee

By showcasing your positive qualities, traits, and characteristics, you can prove that you are a good employee and deserve that job offer, promotion, or raise. Good employees don’t just simply do their job; they go above and beyond to add value to their company. Here we explain the qualities of a good employee and why they’re important.

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Qualities of a good employee

Get to know these traits of a good employee and why they’re important:


A quality employee is someone who can find ways to stay motivated at work. This quality is an important part of prioritizing focus, productivity, and efficiency. When you’re motivated, you tend to have a better attitude at work and get your tasks done on time. Employers appreciate both of these things and may reward you with praise and career opportunities.

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Being genuinely excited about your job is an admirable trait. While other employees may not welcome a new task or project, a good employee is ready to take on the challenge. By being enthusiastic, you tend to see things as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. It shows employers that you have a can-do attitude and may even influence other employees to be the same way. This can boost office morale and improve company culture.

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Successful employees have strong verbal and written communication skills. When you know how to clearly convey and explain what you’re saying, you can help facilitate better communication in the workplace. For instance, a manager who knows how to explain instructions well can save the company time and help their team succeed. Likewise, knowing how to write is helpful when sending emails or direct messages to clients or colleagues.


Coming to work on time, keeping your promises, and finishing your tasks by their deadline are all ways to show that you’re a reliable employee. When employers know that they can count on a specific employee, they may be more willing to give this person more important tasks and responsibilities. This is a fast way to get a promotion or raise at work. A reliable employee is also trustworthy, so always make sure to stick to your word.


Being organized is an important part of staying productive and focused. Good employees manage their schedules, keep their files in order, and remember important obligations. Having strong organizational skills ensures that you are staying on track and meeting your expectations. Likewise, those who are organized tend to come off as more polished or professional, which goes a long way in a business setting.


Those who are goal-oriented tend to accomplish more since they are always working toward something. Good employees base their goals on their own desires and the objectives of the company. When creating your goals, use the SMART method. This means that your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. By using this template, you can create better goals that you are more likely to reach.


Honestly and integrity can go a long way in the workplace. When choosing what’s best for the company rather than just yourself, you are showing that you are an ethical employee. There may come a time in your career when being dishonest is the easy way out. By showing that you’d rather encounter more obstacles to be honest, you are proving that you have a strong moral compass.


Whether you’re working on a project or reading instructions, being detail-oriented ensures that you aren’t forgetting any important steps. Employers tend to value detail-oriented employees because they catch things that may be overlooked. This is important when releasing a new product or service. By catching any small errors or mistakes, you can avoid a lot of headaches for your team. The same is true when coming up with a marketing campaign. Things like grammar, social awareness, and branding are all details you need to consider.


Even when things aren’t going as planned, a good employee stays upbeat and positive. An optimistic attitude can help you focus on finding solutions rather than wasting time fixating on the problem at hand. When you are optimistic, you can stay calm and collected while facing challenges. This is an admirable trait since it can help you get back on track sooner.


Knowing when to be professional is an important quality every employee should strive for. This means dressing nicely, using appropriate language, and following business etiquette. Being professional is a way to make meaningful business connections that can benefit you and your company. Showing respect and treating others how you’d like to be treated are two simple ways you can instantly come off as more professional. This means avoiding office gossip and taking the higher ground.

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Quality employees are always coming up with fresh, creative ideas. Coming into meetings with a list of ideas is one way to show that you’re an innovator. By thinking outside of the box and looking for unique solutions, you are providing immense value to your company. Showing that you have an insightful perspective can be quite useful when brainstorming and working on projects.


If others seem to enjoy working with you, that may be because you are relatable. Although having different perspectives and ideas is important, it’s crucial that everyone can eventually find common ground. Those who are relatable tend to be attentive listeners who try to understand others’ points of view. Likewise, relatable people tend to have a realistic view of the world and can convey their opinions in a reasonable way.

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