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How to Submit an Employment Verification Letter

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Last Updated June 29, 2021

Guide Overview

Why might I need employment verification letters?How to ask for an employment verification letterEmail template to ask for a verification of employment letterEmployment verification letter template

Guide Overview

What is an employment verification letter?

An employment verification letter is a document that outlines your current or previous employment with a company. Employers typically write employment verification letters for current or former employees to qualify for professional opportunities or personal life decisions. These verification letters are not legally required, but employers typically complete them to help their current employees and verify the work of previous employees.

Why might I need employment verification letters?

You may need to get an employment verification letter for a variety of reasons. These are a few situations where you might be asked to provide an employment verification letter:

When seeking new employment

When you seek employment at another company, your new employer may request a verification letter to confirm the employment information and qualifications listed on your resume.

When applying for a mortgage or loan

When you apply for a home mortgage or loan from a financial institution like a bank, usually the bank requests an employment verification letter to ensure a steady flow of income to pay off the mortgage or loan over time. This also allows a financial institution to determine whether your annual income is sufficient enough to pay off the loan.

When seeking a loan reduction

You may need an employment verification letter when you seek a loan reduction on a mortgage as a result of financial limitations. A loan reduction allows you to make smaller payments to a lender over a longer timeframe. To qualify for a loan reduction, you may need to submit an employment verification letter that shows your current income.

When applying to rent property

When you’re preparing to lease an apartment or house, your landlord may need a verification of employment letter to make sure your income is sufficient enough to make monthly payments.

When participating in legal proceedings

If you’re currently participating in legal proceedings to determine child custody or the right to adopt, the court may require an employment verification letter to accurately review your current income in comparison with the needs of the child.

How to ask for an employment verification letter

You might be worried about asking a previous or current employer for an employment verification letter, but you can ensure you maintain your professionalism by following these steps:

1. Determine who to ask for an employment verification letter

Your current situation may determine who you should ask for an employment verification letter. For example if a potential employer needs an employment verification letter, you will need to select your previous employer to contact for one. In contrast, if you’re looking to apply for a mortgage, you will need to obtain a letter from your current employer.

2. Contact them by email

Whether you’re sending a request to your current employer or a previous employer, you should compose a professional email to initiate the conversation with them. Be sure to provide an explanation as to why you need the letter, provide them with a potential due date and thank them in advance for their efforts. After they receive the email, you can meet with them in-person or via phone for a more informal discussion.

3. Provide a letter template for them to use

An employer may already have a template they use for employment verification letters kept on file by HR, but if not, providing a template can be a great help to them and allows them to save time. It is important to note to them that no other documents are necessary to include with the verification letter. Examples of documents that shouldn’t be included are termination letters, performance evaluations or anything else subjective.

4. Give them details for submitting the verification letter

Be sure to tell your employer how to send the verification letter. They may need to mail it to the third-party, fax it or provide it in an email format. You should make it as easy as possible for them to navigate this part of the process by providing them with an address or additional contact details.

5. Send them a thank you note for their efforts

Once they’ve sent your employment verification letter to the desired recipient, be sure to thank them again for taking the time to write it on your behalf. A simple thank you card demonstrates your appreciation, but in certain cases, you may also decide to send them a gift card, flowers or a small gift. For example, if your employer’s verification letter helped you obtain a mortgage to buy a new house, this may be a situation for a more personalized thank you gift.

Email template to ask for a verification of employment letter

You might wonder how to write an email to an employer to ask for an employment verification letter. Here is a general template to help you format your verification of employment request to an employer:


Dear [Insert full name of employer here],

I am writing to ask if you could compose a verification of employment letter on my behalf.

I am currently in the process of [Insert reasoning for needing an employment verification letter here], and they need a verification of employment letter to assess my qualifications for consideration.

I can send you further contact details and a template if you need it.

Thank you in advance,

[Insert your first and last name here]

[Insert contact details if writing to a previous employer]

Employment verification letter template

Here is a template of an employment verification letter that you can provide to an employer who asks for templates to use:


[Insert your company name in the heading]

[Month DD, YYYY]

[First and last name of the person requesting letter from your current/former employee]

[Name of the company or institution they work for]

[Recipient company’s address]

Subject: Employment verification letter for [Insert reasoning here]

Dear [Insert first and last name of recipient here],

[Insert full name of current/previous employee here] is /was our [Insert job title here] and has worked at [Insert your company name here] for [Insert a length of time they have worked at your company]

As of [Insert date of last pay increase], [Insert current/former employee’s full name]’s annual salary is $[Insert salary amount here] and they are [Insert employment type full/part time] within our company.

Feel free to contact me during business hours at [Insert your phone number here] or email me at [Insert your email here]


[Insert your full name]

[Your job title]

[Your company name]

[Date signed]

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