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White Collar Job: What It Is and Examples

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Last Updated August 5, 2021

Guide Overview

What is a white-collar job?18 examples of white-collar jobs

Guide Overview

White-collar jobs

White-collar jobs are those that are often performed in an office setting and require individuals to perform a variety of professional tasks based on the specific job type. Common industries where white-collar jobs are found include technology, media, and government. Here we explore what a white-collar job is as well as 18 examples of in-demand white-collar positions right now.

What is a white-collar job?

A white-collar job is one in which a professional works in an office environment and performs professional tasks that require specific training or education. White-collar employees often earn more than blue-collar employees or employees who hold a position involving trade or manual labor. White-collar positions typically require employees to have completed a certain level of education such as a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. These employees often work on a salary rather than receiving hourly wages, which is typical of many blue-collar jobs.

18 examples of white-collar jobs

The following are 18 white-collar positions that are in-demand in today’s work market:

Administrative assistant

Average base pay: $44,285 per year

Administrative assistants are responsible for running the daily operations of an office. Common duties for these professionals include answering and directing phone calls, greeting visitors, managing schedules for executives and supervisors, ordering office supplies, and helping new hires get adjusted.


Average base pay: $45,355 per year

Therapists are licensed clinicians who help individuals overcome a variety of issues in various settings. Common types of therapists include mental health therapists, occupational therapists, and behavioral health therapists.


Average base pay: $49,196 per year

Publicists act as the face of an organization, person, or brand and work to create and manage positive publicity that increases awareness around the company, brand, or individual. Their duties include generating press coverage, managing campaigns, and maintaining social media accounts.

Real estate agent

Average base pay: $50,833 per year

Real estate agents list and sell homes, buildings, property, and other owned structures for homeowners and corporations. They may work independently or as part of a real estate agency. Common duties of a real estate agent include analyzing and posting property listings, showing homes to potential buyers, submitting real estate contracts, and representing property buyers or sellers.


Average base pay: $51,291 per year

Dietitians are nutrition professionals who help individuals develop and follow nutrition plans in order to meet their unique health needs. Duties of a dietitian include creating meal plans, monitoring client progress, and providing dietary advice to patients.

IT specialist

Average base pay: $51,838 per year

IT specialists are computer professionals who provide technical support to organizations and troubleshoot issues with computers and software in the workplace. Their duties include installing new software, troubleshooting current software and computer devices, and helping with network administration.


Average base pay: $53,748 per year

Accountants are responsible for preparing financial statements for organizations and individuals. They may prepare and submit tax documents, ensure financial records are accurate and comply with regulations and laws, and perform other financial services for companies or persons.

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Market researcher

Average base pay: $59,482 per year

Market researchers analyze data related to market information in order to provide opinions and predictions about how products or services will perform. Common duties for market researchers include compiling consumer data, analyzing business objectives, and administering surveys to collect information on consumer needs.

Financial manager

Average base pay: $61,959 per year

Financial managers perform various financial research, run financial reports, oversee financial accounts, and offer financial forecasts to individuals and companies.

Marketing manager

Average base pay: $65,834 per year

Marketing managers develop and implement marketing strategies for organizations, individuals, and brands to attract new customers and bring in sales. Common duties of a marketing manager include creating marketing plans, developing marketing goals, performing market research, and overseeing a team of marketing professionals.

Project manager

Average base pay: $66,137 per year

Project managers plan and oversee various projects in an office setting in order to accomplish organizational goals. Duties of a project manager include assessing and acquiring resources, preparing and adhering to a project budget, delegating tasks, and keeping stakeholders up-to-date on the progress of the project.

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Average base pay: $72,323 per year

Engineers work in several different fields and are responsible for assessing, designing, and building machines, structures, materials, and systems. Common types of engineers include mechanical engineers, civil engineers, chemical engineers, and management engineers.

Software developer

Average base pay: $76,526 per year

Software developers are responsible for designing and developing software programs that are used in a variety of settings. They analyze software data and make changes when necessary to improve user experience.


Average base pay: $85,666 per year

Architects are responsible for designing structures like buildings, roads, and homes and are involved in the various processes of construction from concept to completion. These professionals are highly trained in various development and architect software and design structures that are sustainable, safe, and attractive.

Sales manager

Average base pay: $99,299 per year

Sales managers are responsible for developing sales plans and goals and leading a sales team in a way that accomplishes these goals. Duties of a sales manager include recruiting and training new sales representatives, composing sales strategies, tracking progress on sales goals, and monitoring the performance of a sales team.


Average base pay: $107,549 per year

Attorneys, or lawyers, are legal professionals who advise and represent clients in civil and criminal cases. Popular fields that attorneys specialize in include personal injury, criminal law, and estate planning.

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Average base pay: $121,176 per year

Pharmacists prepare and distribute medication to patients and advise patients on potential medication interactions and side effects. Pharmacist duties include compounding and packaging medications, communicating with doctors, and overseeing pharmacy technicians.


Average base pay: $143,698 per year

Physicians are medical doctors who work with patients to manage and maintain their health, diagnose medical conditions, provide treatment, and oversee rehabilitation. They work in a variety of specialized fields including pediatrics, surgery, and obstetrics.

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