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Interview Preparation

Answering 'Why Do You Want to Work Here' In an Interview

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Last Updated June 29, 2021

Guide Overview

Why do employers ask, 'Why do you want to work here?'How to craft a responseWhat to avoid in your answerWhy do you want to work for us?' example answers

Guide Overview

Preparing for the 'Why do you want to work here?' interview question

When preparing for an interview, it's a good idea to explore some of the commonly asked interview questions beforehand, including the question 'Why do you want to work here?' Doing this gives you the chance to think through possible responses ahead of time, allowing you to communicate clearly and address the question more effectively. Keep reading to learn more about why interviewers ask the question 'Why do you want to work here,' how to develop a great response, what to avoid in your answer, and some sample answers to guide your own response.

Why do employers ask, 'Why do you want to work here?'

Employers often ask questions like ‘Why do you want to work here’ to evaluate whether you have researched the company and gauge whether your core values would match up with the company’s culture.

How to craft a response

Figuring out how to answer some of the most common interview questions is an important step for proper interview preparation. Here are a few things you should do to develop an effective response:

1. Review the company’s website

Reading through the website is a great way to get a sense of the company’s industry and goals.

2. Look at the social media profiles

Social media gives you a chance to understand the company’s culture and how they hope to present themselves to the public.

3. Find news articles

You can discover a lot about a company’s latest struggles and accomplishments by finding mentions of them in the press.

3. Reread the job description

Aside from being familiar with the company, you need to fully understand the job you’re interviewing for to successfully answer this question.

4. Create a list of things you like about the company and job

After you have completed all of your research, you should make a list of your favorite discoveries.

5. Assess your professional goals and values

By evaluating your own career values and goals, you can pinpoint ways that the role aligns with them and reference them in your answer.

What to avoid in your answer

When answering this interview question, you should avoid things like:

  • Giving an answer that is too general
  • Focusing on how the job could benefit you
  • Mentioning the pay
  • Supplying an answer that is unenthusiastic

Why do you want to work for us?' example answers

Consider these example answers to help you prepare your own:

Example 1

‘I’ve been a fan of your work for many years, so when I saw the open position with your company, I knew I had to apply. I was especially inspired by the campaign with the local football team two years ago. I really admire the creativity that comes out of this agency, and I think I could use my skills and experience as an art director to become a valued contributor to this company.’

Example 2

‘Several months ago I read an article about the outreach program that you have here, and I was so impressed. I try to give back any way that I can, and I’m excited to be a part of a company that holds the same values as I do.’

Example 3

‘I’ve purchased and used your software for at least five years now, and I’m constantly impressed by your latest developments and innovations. In my work, I’m constantly searching for new, groundbreaking solutions, so I would love to be a part of a team that values innovation as much as I do.’

Example 4

‘Your company consistently ranks as one of the best places to work in the country, and the employee testimonials make it clear why. This company’s enthusiasm for developing its employees by providing resources, training, and education has fostered a creative and productive environment of professionals that are truly engaged with their work. As a result, you have created some of the most impressive campaigns that I’ve ever seen. I’d love to be a part of such a hardworking team.’

Example 5

‘This company has a reputation in the industry for having a management infrastructure that rewards hard work and supports continued development. I think I would make a great fit and be able to start making an impact immediately.’

Example 6

‘I recently read an article about the new CEO, Ward Snyder, and the company’s renewed commitment to innovation under his leadership. Innovation is at the forefront of all of my work, so I feel that I could not only thrive but actively contribute in this type of environment.’

Example 7

‘This company is world-renowned for the technology you create. In just the past year you have won a number of awards for your latest software. I would love to bring my experience of developing new IT products to contribute to a team that is this resourceful, hardworking, and collaborative.’

Example 8

‘After reading your company’s vision and mission, it’s clear that many of my professional goals align with the company’s purpose. Because of this, I think I would be a great asset to this already incredible team of engaged employees.’

Example 9

‘I’ve been inspired by your company’s brand, style, and tone for years now. I’ve worked to develop professionally in that time so that I could join this wonderful team one day and provide real value to the company.’

Example 10

‘I’ve been doing a lot of research to prepare for this interview, and I am most impressed by your goals and the work you’ve been doing to reach them. I read that you are growing your technical writing department, and that is my specialty. I think I could bring experience and value to the team.’

Example 11

‘I’ve been working in the service industry for over 10 years, and I’m ready to apply this experience and expertise at a company that is dedicated to its employees and providing excellent customer service.’

Example 12

‘I really admire that, despite being in business for over two decades, your company has never wavered in its mission or values. When I began looking for a new role, I purposefully sought out your company because of your dedication to innovation, philanthropy, and integrity.’

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