Halloween Photo Contest Winners 2016

halloween 2016 here at hissho halloween

Thank you to everyone who participated in Glassdoor’s second annual Halloween Photo Contest!  Companies from around the world pulled out all the stops, whether it was elaborate office decor, delicious looking treats, or a commitment to team costumes that had us reconsidering our own dinosaur onesies.  

Putting aside our own piles of candy, we sifted through hundreds of photos- from goofy and clever, to dark and spooky, to find the winners of this year’s competition:

Winner, Best Individual Costume: United Shore    

halloween costume challenge bride of frankenstein halloween

We love the classics, and this United Shore employee keeps it old-school as Bride of Frankenstein. (Not ringing any bells?  Time to catch up with this 1935 classic film.)

Winner, Best Team Costume: Vectorworks


How appropriate – the trophy for best team costume goes to a team of trophies!  Vectorworks must know how much we like both winning and shiny things….

Winner, Best Pet Costume: Procore Technologies

taco bout a great costume halloween

Procore Technologies said it best, “Taco ‘bout a great costume”. Punny and adorable?!  We couldn’t resist this winner for best pet costume. 

Winner, Best Office Decorations: National Student Clearinghouse

 halloween 2016 decorations in our hr suite lobby the theme this year

This set-up from National Student Clearinghouse’s human resources suite would make us think twice before going any further! We especially love the signs and images on the wall.

Winner, Best Treats:  Booking.com

 halloween lunch booking com

We love Booking.com’s commitment to treats, healthy or otherwise, at their Amsterdam location.  They can invite us to lunch any time!

Winner, Best Pumpkin Carving: Pulse (UK)

 halloween (1)

Good thing Pulse (UK) included a collage of all their pumpkins- we’re not sure that we could have picked just one winner from this bunch!  That being said, it’s a little unnerving how good they are with knives…

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Halloween Photo Contest!  If you didn’t win this year, just be on the lookout for our next Glassdoor Photo Contest, coming soon.