Healthcare Industry Report Card: Hospitals Receive High Ratings In Industry Comparison

With the Affordable Care Act (also coined Obamacare) repealed by Republicans last week, what happens next is anyone’s guess. Obamacare was “designed to hold insurance companies more accountable, lower healthcare costs, guarantee more healthcare choices, and enhance the quality of healthcare for all Americans.”

While the debate about how to handle healthcare continues, we were curious to see how employees at major companies within the industry are holding up amid all this political back and forth. In Glassdoor’s latest Industry Report card, we evaluate what’s happening behind-the-scenes to see how healthcare industry employees rate their employers and the industry’s top bosses. (Industry analysis looks at more than 50 companies that have received at least 20 company reviews.)

The Highlights

The five highest rated companies overall are all hospitals – taking the lead is Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, which has a 4.3 (very satisfied) company rating. It is followed by Children’s Hospital Boston (3.8; satisfied), Mayo Clinic (3.8; satisfied), Partners HealthCare (3.7; satisfied), and the Cleveland Clinic (3.6; satisfied).

Among CEOs with at least 20 ratings, David Cordani of CIGNA has the highest approval in the industry with a 94% approval, 6% disapproval rate. He is followed Children’s Hospital Boston CEO James Mandell (91% approval, 9% disapproval), Cleveland Clinic CEO Toby Cosgrove (90% approval, 10% disapproval), Humana CEO Mike McCallister (83% approval, 17% disapproval) and Kaiser Permanente CEO George Halvorson (80% approval; 20% disapproval).

In a deeper look in the healthcare industry, here is how some of the largest healthcare insurance, managed care companies, pharmacies and other healthcare services compare.

Health Insurance and Managed Care Providers

Using the 2010 Fortune ranking as a guide, we looked closely at five of the largest healthcare insurance providers and found CIGNA holds a slight edge in overall company rating (3.2, OK) compared to other notably sized competitors. When it comes to unique workplace factors, we found some interesting comparisons: for example, WellPoint holds the highest rating in terms of employee satisfaction with compensation and benefits (3.6), CIGNA has the highest rating for work/life balance (3.9) and Humana for employee morale (3.2).


We also reviewed the workplace factor ratings for the top five highest rated hospitals on Glassdoor to see how they compare in the eyes of employees. While Cincinnati Children’s Hospital rates highest in and leads in six of the eight workplace factors, including employee morale (4.5) and career opportunities (3.9), it is tied with Children’s Hospital Boston for compensation and benefits (4.0). Internationally recognized Mayo Clinic receives the highest ratings when it comes to satisfaction with work/life balance (4.1).

Pharmacy & Other Health Service Companies

Again using the Fortune 500 ranking, Medco is the top pharmacy/health service company with a 3.3 (OK) company rating. While Medco takes top marks in almost all of the eight workplace factors, HCA (Hospital Corporation of America) receives the highest rating for work/life balance (3.7).

Below is the complete break out of the healthcare industry report card that highlights companies with at least 20 employee reviews on Glassdoor.

If you work in the healthcare industry, tell us what your job is like by sharing a company review on Glassdoor and see how it compares as the impacts of the latest government talks take effect.