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7 High-Paying Jobs With Salaries That Increase Every Year

Does being a graphic designer sound creatively fulfilling to you? Do you dream about becoming a teacher?

Although your ideal job might play into what you’re passionate about, that’s not the only thing you should consider when it comes to your career. If you ever want to pay off your student loans or buy a house, you’ve got to think about the salary attached to your job.

You should also consider the following numbers Glassdoor Economic Research analyzed in a recent study of 60 jobs: median base pay and year-over-year pay growth (side note: they didn’t look good for graphic design or teaching, unfortunately).

If you’re not sure about your next career move, the following list of jobs with high pay and steadily increasing salaries can help you decide.

7 Jobs with High Pay and Increasing Salaries

The following chart lists the results of the Glassdoor study. You can easily see which jobs pay well and have growing salaries.

jobs with high pay

Source: Glassdoor Research

By cross-referencing the list below with data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), you can see which jobs are projected to have an increased number of openings over the next seven years.

1. Software Engineer

Although you can debate the difference between the terms software “engineer” and “developer,” I grouped them together for this post. Essentially, as a software engineer, you’ll create and develop software. This career has a variety of entry paths: self-education, a computer science degree, or a coding boot camp.

Median annual pay: $86,391

Year-over-year pay growth: 3.7 percent

Job growth (2014-2024): 17 percent

Available Software Engineer Jobs

Software Engineer - U.S. Citizens Only
Mission Focus
Alexandria, VA
6 days ago 6d
Advanced Software Engineer
Northrop Grumman
Annapolis Junction, MD
4 days ago 4d
Senior Software Engineer
Superior, CO
3 days ago 3d

2. Registered Nurse

With an aging U.S. population on the rise, nurses and caretakers are more important than ever. Although many nurses eventually obtain their bachelor’s degree (BSN), you only need an associate’s degree to become a registered nurse (RN).

Median annual pay: $65,930

Year-over-year pay growth: 4 percent

Job growth (2014-2024): 16 percent

Available Registered Nurse Jobs

Cardiac Cath Lab Registered Nurse
Robertson Staffing
Houston, TX
1 day ago 1d
Registered Hospice Nurse (RN)
Kosciusko Home Care & Hospice, Inc.
Warsaw, IN
6 days ago 6d
Registered Nurse | RN | PICU (Contract)
Favorite Healthcare Staffing
Washington, DC
6 days ago 6d

3. Attorney

There are more than one million licensed lawyers in the U.S., according to the American Bar Association. And if you’re in search of a big paycheck, you might want to join them.

Of course, you’ll have to go to a three-year law program to become a lawyer – so before committing, check out our list of the most affordable law schools.

Median annual pay: $98,594 per year

Year-over-year pay growth: 3.6 percent

Job growth (2014-2024): 6 percent

Available Attorney Jobs

Criminal Defense Attorney
Law Offices of Alex Hanna
Miami, FL
18 hours ago 18h
Litigation Attorney
The Meyerson Law Firm, P.C.
Austin, TX
10 hours ago 10h
Associate Attorney
Ferrara Fiorenza PC
East Syracuse, NY
5 days ago 5d

4. Accountant

For the number-crunchers among us, accounting can be a solid career choice.

Yet, to become an accountant, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Many budding accountants also go on to earn the title of Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Median pay: $55,747

Year-over-year pay growth: 3.7 percent

Job growth (2014-2024): 11 percent

While the final three jobs didn’t make it into the “high growth” quadrant, they already have a high median salary. Although the pay’s not growing significantly, the field is – which means more opportunities are available for job placements for you.

Available Accountant Jobs

Accounting Manager
Integrated Manufacturing Technologies, Inc
Milpitas, CA
4 days ago 4d
Portfolio Accountant
Confidential Search Firm
Boston, MA
3 days ago 3d
Tax Accountant/Planner
Probity Advisors
Dallas, TX
5 days ago 5d

5. Financial Analyst

Fascinated by everything you read on the Student Loan Hero blog? Then perhaps you should pursue a career in the financial industry.

Financial analysts, who need a bachelor’s degree, offer investment advice to both individuals and businesses.

Median pay: $62,277

Year-over-year pay growth: 1.8 percent

Job growth (2014-2024): 12 percent

Available Financial Analyst Jobs

Financial Crimes Analyst
Mendota Heights, Dakota, MN
7 days ago 7d
Tax Accountant/Planner
Probity Advisors
Dallas, TX
5 days ago 5d
Foxwoods Resort Casino
Mashantucket, CT
3 days ago 3d

6. Physical Therapist

Physical therapy is a booming field within the healthcare industry. In fact, the American Physical Therapy Association estimates there could be a shortage of up to 26,560 PTs by 2025, unless attrition rates are very low (in which case there will be a surplus).

Physical therapists help rehabilitate people who are injured or sick. Though it’s a rewarding career, keep in mind you’ll need to attend school for three years after receiving your bachelor’s.

Median pay: $73,502

Year-over-year pay growth: 1.8 percent

Job growth (2014-2024): 34 percent

Available Physical Therapist Jobs

Physical Therapist / Therapy (PT) - SNF
Centra Healthcare
Washington, DC
1 day ago 1d
5 days ago 5d
Physical Therapist / PT
Advanced Medical
Arlington, VA
5 days ago 5d

7. Human Resources Manager

Although you won’t land a managerial position when you’re starting out, if this data trend continues, working towards a position as a human resources manager will probably pay off.

Just make sure you’re a people person. In this role, you’d oversee everything to do with a company’s employees.

Median pay: $67,854

Year-over-year pay growth: 1.4 percent

Job growth (2014-2024): 9 percent

Available HR Manager Jobs

5 days ago 5d
Canvassing Team Member
Exterior Custom Solutions LLC
Neenah, WI
5 days ago 5d
Tax HR Manager
Washington, DC
4 days ago 4d

Remember, before choosing a career (or switching to a new one), you should take into account your interests and working style, as well as the pay and growth you can expect.

By pursuing a career with a high earning potential, you won’t only be able to eat all the avocado toast you want – you’ll also be able to tackle other financial challenges like student loan debt, mortgage payments, and retirement.

This article was originally published on Student Loan Hero.


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