10 High-Paying Jobs With Tons of Open Positions

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It’s easy to look at someone with a great salary and think about how lucky they are. But the truth is, high-paying jobs aren’t as rare as they seem — in fact, they’re often the ones with the most available positions. While you might first need to develop a special set of skills or pursue a particular degree, there are many in-demand jobs with high salaries that are only increasing by the minute as employers struggle to fill them with qualified candidates. So if one of the following positions looks interesting to you, don’t wait — apply today before everyone else gets in on them!

1. Project Manager

Open Jobs: ~109k

Median Base Salary: $75,474

As a project manager, you’ll be responsible for leading projects from inception to execution. Common tasks involve managing a budget, setting timelines, delegating tasks and serving as a liaison between teams to ensure that everything is going smoothly. While a college degree is not necessarily required, many Project Managers have bachelor’s or master’s degrees, and possibly a Project Management Professional certification as well.

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2. Physician Assistant

Open Jobs: ~52k

Median Base Salary: $93,090

Interested in the medical field and helping others, but don’t want to attend medical school? A Physician Assistant position might be perfect for you. Physician Assistants perform many of the same tasks as doctors, such as examining and diagnosing patients, writing prescriptions and performing medical procedures under the supervision of a  physician. But unlike doctors, Physician Assistants only need to attend a two-year long graduate program.

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3. Software Engineer

Open Jobs: ~141k

Median Base Salary: $103,035

You hardly ever run into a list of great jobs that doesn’t include Software Engineer, and for good reason. With how important smartphones, computers and the Internet have become in our daily lives, companies need plenty of talented people to help them create cutting-edge technology, and truly skilled individuals can be hard to come by. In the future, this field is only expected to get hotter — the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 24 percent job growth between 2016 and 2026.

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4. Marketing Manager

Open Jobs: ~61k

Median Base Salary: $81,078

Part art and part science, Marketing Managers leverage both creative and analytical skills in order to promote their company’s products or services. No two marketing manager positions are quite the same, but given the abundance of different fields of marketing out there — digital, social media, inbound, email, etc. — you’re sure to find something up your alley.

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5. Nurse Practitioner

Open Jobs: ~21k

Median Base Salary: $117,292

Like Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners are medical professionals who take on many of the same tasks as doctors. They can examine patients, order and interpret tests, diagnose illnesses and come up with treatment plans, sometimes without the supervision of a doctor depending on where they practice. In order to be able to perform these additional responsibilities, Nurse Practitioners must attend a two-year graduate program to receive their Master of Science in Nursing.

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6. Business Analyst

Open Jobs: ~76k

Median Base Salary: $69,163

Business Analysts can take on a wide variety of projects in a wide variety of fields, but no matter their specialty, they all use data to improve processes. By gathering, examining and synthesizing information to understand patterns and trends, they are able to glean insight into what actions a company should take. As a result, they often help companies improve profits, increase productivity and promote efficiency.

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7. Operations Manager

Open Jobs: ~68k

Median Base Salary: $76,971

Operations Managers are tasked with ensuring that businesses are running smoothly. They often analyze different functions of the business in order to determine their performance, then come up with solutions to improve their efficacy. On a day-to-day basis, this might involve analyzing data, creating reports, planning with teams and more.

8. Occupational Therapist

Open Jobs: ~14k

Median Base Salary: $80,782

Occupational Therapists help those with disabilities and injuries build up the strength and skills necessary to perform daily tasks. By assessing patients and developing a treatment plan, they are able to help them regain their agency. In order to become an Occupational Therapist, you must earn both a bachelor’s degree and enroll in a two-year master’s program where you learn about anatomy, kinesiology, therapeutic technology and patient care and communication.

9. Electrical Engineer

Open Jobs: ~77k

Median Base Salary: $86,153

From computers to cell phones to robots and more, Electrical Engineers design and build just about any electrical device you can think of. Because of this, they’re in high demand in many different fields, such as technological hardware, aerospace and defense, green energy and automotives. Electrical Engineers typically have a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering, where they learn the fundamental concepts of physics, electromagnetism and electricity. 

10. Product Manager

Open Jobs: ~74k

Median Base Salary: $113,886

As you might be able to tell by the name, Product Managers are the leads for a particular product. This might involve laying out the product roadmap, doing user research, conducting competitive analysis, working with engineers and product marketers, etc. While Product Managers aren’t always required to have technical skills, it never hurts to have a solid background in development.