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7 Highest Paying Companies in America Hiring Now!

Want more money? You’re not alone. A Glassdoor survey shows that salary and compensation are among people’s top considerations before accepting a job. But which companies pay the most, including the big six figure salaries?

Glassdoor crunched the numbers and determined the Highest Paying Companies in America for 2016, based on companies’ median total compensation. The good news—the top 7 are hiring now.

1. A.T. Kearney
$167,534 median total compensation
$143,620 median base salary


What they do: A.T. Kearney is a global management consulting firm which focuses on strategic and operational issues.

Why: Consulting firms are known for offering high salaries to their employees, and A.T. Kearney tops our list of highest paying companies. A consulting firm like A.T. Kearney is typically looking for seasoned, top-notch consultants who can rely on their personal contacts, strong reputations and highly specialized knowledge to help companies. So, barriers are high. Such professional skills are hard to acquire, valuable, and accordingly command top dollar.

What employees say: An employee has this to say about working at A.T. Kearney:
“Current leadership has done an excellent job of focusing the firm on future growth. Investing in higher performing consultants and the overhead necessary to grow the firm to $2B/yr. Focus on high performance culture is making an impact.”
Another employee calls out the advantages of working at A.T. Kearney, including the pay:
“Work with some of the smartest people around. Pay is great as well. Diversity of work. The firm is growing and it is an exciting time to be at ATK as it outgrows its sourcing reputation.”

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2. Strategy&
$160,000 median total compensation
$147,000 median base salary


What they do: Strategy& is the global strategy consulting arm of PricewaterhouseCoopers and focuses on practical client solutions and strategy-through-execution services.

Why: Strategy& was formerly known as Booz & Company before being acquired by PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2014. Like A.T. Kearney and other consulting firms, Strategy& is willing to offer high salaries to hire consultants who have acquired personal connections, critical experience, and solid reputations with clients.

What employees say: A principal in Chicago, IL says:
“Colleagues are some of the brightest minds in the industry, but are also personable, funny, and genuinely caring about team and individuals. Interesting projects with plenty of exposure.”

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3. Juniper Networks
$157,000 median total compensation
$135,000 median base salary


What they do: Juniper Networks is a tech company that develops and markets networking products.

Why: While Juniper Networks is not a major brand tech name like Google, Apple or Facebook, it is a Silicon Valley stalwart. And the war for talent there can be fierce. In the Valley, in order to get the attention of top tech talent, sometimes compensation can be the most persuasive recruiting tool of all.

What employees say: A resident engineer at Juniper Networks says:
“Flexible work arrangements, coupled with the ability to rapidly develop a wide variety of expertise. Professional development is encouraged by management, and executives.”

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4. McKinsey & Company
$155,000 median total compensation
$135,000 median base salary


What they do: McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm serving private and public companies, governments, not-for-profits and non-governmental organizations.

Why: McKinsey & Company is the third consulting company on this list, so you may be noticing a trend. McKinsey is known as one of the most prestigious management consultancies out there, and their high salaries reinstate their position as a top firm to work for.

What employees say: A senior engagement manager in San Francisco, CA summarizes some of the pros of working at McKinsey:
“Work with really smart people who are also fun to be around; high level of visibility with C level clients; steep learning curve – prepares you well for any job; great brand and network.”

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5. Google
$153,750 median total compensation
$123,331 median base salary


What they do: Google it.

Why: One of the kings of the tech world needs royally good talent to maintain its world domination, so it only makes sense they are generous with their pay. The company’s workplace benefits and perks, like excellent health insurance for families and free food, are just the cherry on top.

What employees say: A software engineer in New York, NY says
“The company is amazingly open: every week Larry Page and Sergey Brin host what’s called TGIF where food, beer, wine, etc. is served, a new project is presented, and afterward there’s an open forum to ask the executives anything you want. It’s truly fair game to ask anything, no matter how controversial, and frequently the executives will be responsive.”

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6. VMware
$152,133 median total compensation
$130,000 median base salary


What they do: VMware is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and specializes in a new model of IT.

Why: You’ll note VMware is another technology company. We continue to see bigger salaries at tech companies as the war for talent is still active. This is largely due to the ongoing shortage of highly skilled workers needed.

What employees say: An employee succinctly gives a clear list of the benefits of working at VMware:
“Pay, Perks, Awesome Campus, Values.”

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7. Amazon Lab126
$150,100 median total compensation
$138,700 median base salary

amazon lab126 office

What they do: Responsible for creating popular Amazon products such as the Kindle and Amazon Fire, Amazon Lab126 is the research and development subsidiary of the online retail giant.

Why: The field of research and development requires workers with highly specialized and advanced technical skill sets. Developing top notch products at Amazon Lab126 means luring in this talent, often through hearty compensation.

What employees say: A software development manager from Sunnyvale, CA says that Amazon Lab126:
“Really encourages entrepreneurship, more so than even start-ups who are often just focused on one thing. If you have a good idea for a new feature or product, you are empowered to make it happen assuming others agree it is also a good idea. The Echo Fire TV, Dash, and Dash button are all prime examples of this as well as several other upcoming products.”

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Methodology: This list is based on Glassdoor’s 25 Highest Paying Companies in America (published in April 2016) report which identifies companies with the highest median total compensation package (including base salary and other forms of compensation, such as commissions, tips, bonuses, etc.), as reported by U.S.-based employees on Glassdoor over the past year (3/30/15-3/29/16). Companies considered for this report must have received at least 50 salary reports in U.S. dollars by U.S-based employees during the timeframe. While ‘other forms of compensation’ is an optional field on Glassdoor, salary reports considered for this report must have been from employees who shared both their base pay and other forms of compensation. In cases where companies have the same median total compensation, the company with the higher number of salary reports receives the higher rank. Subsidiaries of companies were considered for this report if they met the methodology, have their own distinct job listings and profile on Glassdoor.