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10 Highly Competitive Cities With an Influx of Job Seekers

Posted by Julia Malacoff

July 17, 2018

Moving for a job is a big decision. Many factors go into the choice to pick up everything and head to a new city for a gig, but the fact remains that there are certain places in the country that are just more attractive to job seekers than others. They’re home to companies that offer higher salaries and better company cultures, which attractive to professionals who are willing to move house. In fact, research shows that people who relocate for work often do so because they want to work for a particular company, rather than specifically wanting to move to a new locale.

And while these cities may be more competitive for job seekers than most places in America, you can up your chances of getting hired by being an informed candidate. If you’re on the hunt for a new position and you’re open to moving, here are ten places to focus your search.

1. San Francisco, CA

It’s no surprise that the heart of the country’s tech scene was found to be the number one destination for job movers in Glassdoor’s Metro Movers Research Report. Innovative companies like Uber, Salesforce, and Facebook, are actively hiring in the metropolis, but those who work in other industries are attracted to the city too, since Walmart, Kimpton Hotels and Resorts, and Fitbit are also hiring there.

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2. New York, NY

The Big Apple took the second slot, which makes sense considering that many major corporations, startups, and medium-sized companies are headquartered there—everything from JP Morgan to NBC Universal to Goldman Sachs. It’s also home to some of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work, like McKinsey & Company and New York Presbyterian Hospital. Plenty of companies that are headquartered elsewhere, like Facebook and Bain & Company, also have NYC branches that are currently hiring. While cost of living is high, salaries are also on the high end, so moving to the city for the right job could be a cost-effective decision.

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3. San Jose, CA

Just about an hour’s drive from San Francisco is the San Jose area, which boasts the presence of tech giants like Apple, Cisco Systems, and Adobe Systems. With plenty of suburban living areas nearby, people who aren’t interested in living somewhere with the ‘hustle and bustle’ of a more densely-concentrated city population are often interested in moving to this area for a new position.

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4. Los Angeles, CA

If you’re sensing a theme here, it’s that California is a hotspot for job seekers. The iconic city of L.A. is no exception, since aside from the Hollywood buzz at employers like Netflix and the Walt Disney Company, companies like Lululemon, Delta Airlines, and In-N-Out Burger, are also hiring there.

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5. Washington, DC

Politics might come to mind when you think of Washington D.C., and while it’s certainly true that there are government jobs to be found there, companies like SAP, Keller Williams, and Power Home Remodeling are also seeking out candidates in the area. Other top employers include health industry companies like Vibrent Health and consulting firms like Deloitte.

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6. Boston, MA

A city that’s chock-full of history, Boston is another top destination for job seekers on the move. Some of the top-hiring companies in the area include Bose, Massachusetts General Hospital, Wayfair, IBM, and Boston Consulting Group.

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7. Seattle, WA

Though it’s not quite as prolific as San Francisco or San Jose, Seattle has a pretty serious tech scene. With the most popular employers for job movers being companies like Amazon, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Zillow, and Google, it’s easy to understand why this city attracts top talent.

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8. Austin, TX

This trendy city is known for great food and a blossoming hipster culture, which might be part of the reason tech companies like PayPal, Facebook, and Amazon have presences there. Other major employers in the region include IBM, Dell, and University of Texas at Austin.

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9. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Plenty of opportunity and a reasonable cost of living have made job movers excited about the prospect of moving to the Dallas-Forth Worth area, and employers like AMR Corporation, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Allstate, and Texas Instruments are all actively searching for new recruits.

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10. Chicago, IL

The Windy City is known for jazz music, amazing improv, and deep dish pizza, but companies like Motorola, Citadel Securities, Transunion, Discover, and Groupon are recruiting job seekers to move there for exciting career opps. The culture is just the icing on the cake.

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