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9 Great Companies That Hire *Really* Fast

One of the worst parts of the job hunt process is the post-interview waiting. After spending hours writing cover letters, prepping for interviews, researching companies and fine-tuning your resume, after the interview, the waiting period feels like it takes the longest.

Some companies take weeks to months to notify candidates if they’ve got the job. Plus, waiting around for an answer is incredibly daunting, especially if you’re trying to move to a new city or just pay your bills. The good news is, there are companies out there that hire quickly–within 15 days to be exact! 

The following cool companies are known for hiring within 15 days or less–so you will definitely want to send in your resume if you’re in need of a job ASAP.

SSM Health

Company Rating: 3.8

Interview Experience: 88% positive

Interview Difficulty: 2.56/5

Interview Process: 22 days

What Candidates Say: The hiring process went smoothly from start to finish. This process included a phone screening, in person interview, and assessment that was completed at SSM before the interview. All of the SSM employees that I encountered throughout the hiring process were very helpful and friendly.”Denial Representative Interview

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Sunrise Senior Living

Company Rating: 3.3

Interview Experience: 71% positive

Interview Difficulty: 2.3/5

Interview Process: 21 days

What Candidates Say: “The interview process was very quick and efficient. They knew exactly what they were looking for and what they needed. They were very transparent with how Sunrise operates and were very willing to offer other opportunities.” – Activities Assistant Interview

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Ann Taylor

Company Rating: 3.6

Interview Experience: 77% positive

Interview Difficulty: 2.0/5

Interview Process: 15.5 days

What Candidates Say: “Met with the store manager, she hired me on the spot. It was incredibly easy to discuss the potential opportunity. She was very kind and easy going. Once offered, I came back with my needed documents and began the process of onboarding.” – Sales Associate Interview

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Power Home Remodeling

Company Rating: 4.5

Interview Experience:  62% positive

Interview Difficulty: 2.3/10

Interview Process: 10 days

What Candidates Say: “Great interview environment. Very laid back and answered any all questions I had for them. Made me feel very comfortable and showed me how great the family feel to the company was.” – Marketing Interview

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J. Crew

Company Rating: 3.6

Interview Experience: 78% positive

Interview Difficulty:  2.2/5

Interview Process: 9 days

What Candidates Say: “Low key, conversational and informative. The manager asked me about my personal style, how I would approach customers, etc. I had the opportunity to ask about hours, schedule, incentives/sales goals, etc.” – Sales Interview

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Company Rating: 3.5

Interview Experience: 73% positive

Interview Difficulty: 2.3

Interview Process: 14 days

What Candidates Say: “Very easy going interview. It was set up more like a conversation and they just wanted to hear about my past experience and what I like to do for fun.” – Customer Sales Associate Interview

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Company Rating: 3.6

Interview Experience: 75% positive

Interview Difficulty: 2.2

Interview Process: 14 days

What Candidates Say: “It was fairly easy and enjoyable interviews. Was not nervous anymore when supervisor was speaking and calmed down. Different questions were asked as all interviews. The general questions that are always asked in interviews which makes it completely easy and just be yourself because that’ll make a better impression.” – Case Manager Interview

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RSM Accounting

Company Rating: 3.4

Interview Experience: 73% positive

Interview Difficulty: 2.6

Interview Process: 11 days

What Candidates Say: “Very approachable interviewers and typical behavioral questions. They would love to see your passion and engagement on campus, like club involvement. They really value leadership experiences, so just show your passion during the interview and get well-prepared beforehand.” – Winter Assurance Interview

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Company Rating: 34.4

Interview Experience: 74% positive

Interview Difficulty: 2.4

Interview Process: 12 days

What Candidates Say: “The interview process was pretty extensive. I had three interviews within just a few days with the three different managers of the store. I prepared for harder questions that would be asked in the interviews but the questions were mostly based on being able to handle the fast past work environment at in and out and how my previous work experience can help me succeed at in and out.” – Food Server Interview

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