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Hiring Those With Criminal Records: Glassdoor, Lawyers’ Committee & More Take a Stand

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For many Americans, one of the most important things is to have a job. And for those with criminal records, finding a job they love can be the difference between returning to jail and establishing a new life.

Today, Glassdoor doubled down on its commitment to giving those with a criminal record a “fair chance” by updating its Terms of Use to prevent employers from posting jobs on Glassdoor that violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act or the EEOC’s Enforcement Guidance on Employer’s Consideration of Arrest and Conviction Records in Employment Decisions. That means Glassdoor will no longer post jobs by employers who attempt to discriminate against people with criminal backgrounds.

The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law worked with Glassdoor on its new policy, which is applicable to employers who advertise job postings on the website.  

“To address the impact of mass incarceration, we must ensure that people leaving jails and prisons are provided access to employment opportunities,” said Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.  “Without access to employment, people with criminal records are placed on a path to failure and unable to take the steps necessary to successfully reintegrate into their communities.  This is especially true for African-Americans and other minorities who are overrepresented in the criminal justice system.  As we continue our work to ensure equal opportunity for all citizens, we applaud Glassdoor for leading in this important effort to help eliminate restrictive and discriminatory criminal background screening practices faced by minority communities across our country.”

The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law estimates that roughly 100 million Americans have some form of criminal record, and this community of diverse individuals has skills, talents and career aspirations that should be promoted. This is another step in eliminating unnecessary hiring barriers and encouraging employers to tap into this second-chance community.

While stigmas still surround Americans who have paid their debt to society, a team of researchers at Kellogg and Northwestern University’s Pritzker School of Law analyzed data on about a quarter of a million applicants for sales and customer service jobs in the U.S. and found that ex-offenders who were hired were no more likely to be fired than non-offenders and they were less likely to quit.

In some areas, “Ban the Box” laws prevent employers from asking candidates on their initial applications whether they have a criminal record. Organizations like the Lawyers’ Committee work to minimize barriers faced by returning citizens seeking access to employment, housing, and educational opportunities. Meanwhile, city governments from Austin to Seattle have hosted job fairs targeted at ensuring people with convictions have employment opportunities.

On Glassdoor, nearly 200 employees have signed onto the Fair Chance Pledge on Glassdoor and have a badge on their profiles that proudly demonstrates their commitment to maintaining hiring and training programs for individuals with criminal records. Starbucks, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, and N2 Publishing are just a few of the employers that have taken the pledge.

“Glassdoor believes everyone should be afforded access to employment and career advancement opportunities,” said Glassdoor’s Vice President of Corporate Communications Samantha Zupan. “We encourage employers to provide important career pathways for all segments of our population.”

Here are just a few of the employers offering a fair chance to those with a record:

Number of Open Jobs: 41k
Where Hiring: Nationwide
What Employees Say: “The benefits are out of sight. I was offered Starbucks stock after my first year, as well as 401k through Fidelity, and a superb Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance plan. You can cover your whole family with that plan, and it can include domestic partners. I got a pound of free coffee every week and free coffee all day (although I think that was specific to my store, which bent the rules). There’s also an Employee Assistance Hotline which you can call if you’re having issues in your personal life. And HR is really responsive–they won’t see you as a troublemaker if you’re legitimately having an issue. They will handle it. Also, sexual orientation and gender identity are included in their anti-discrimination policy. None of the gay or lesbian people on my staff got crap for it, even though about half the staff was quietly conservative Christian and Republican. If you’re a people person, you develop relationships with the regulars and it’s fun to make their day. I felt it was pretty rewarding to make drinks. I loved the artistic side of it. And again, the free coffee…just awesome.” —Former Barista

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Number of Open Jobs: 43
Where Hiring: Mill Valley, CA; San Francisco, CA; Chicago, IL & more.
What Employees Say: “Great health insurance, vision, dental. There’s a 401k plan, but no match at this time. Stock options. Dog-friendly office. Free snacks and drinks available in the fully stocked kitchen. Free fitness classes. Social events. Great job training. Optional classes available to take for personal and professional growth. Free work laptop provided. Paid holidays and PTO. Flexible work hours and option to WFH.” —Current Senior Content & Community Associate

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Home Depot
Number of Open Jobs: 3.2k
Where Hiring: Valdosta, GA; Emeryville, CA; Montgomery, AL; Upper Marlboro, MD: Hawthorne, NY; Autin, TX; Atlanta, GA & more.
What Employees Say: “Most people that work there are really fun and will help you out. Feels like a family and you will always look forward to working with the people there. You’ll meet a lot of contractors that are actually willing to stay and talk to you about their jobs which in turns helps you attain the knowledge needed to assist other customers. You get to learn a lot about large companies that sell services and products and you are guaranteed to always take home some new knowledge every day. I could keep going but overall, it can be a demanding job, it can be very fast-paced, it can be stressful, but it is definitely worth it. You can also definitely move up to department head and management but it takes a lot of hard work and usually through years of service. It is worth it but it can take a very long time.” —Current Appliance Sales Specialist

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N2 Publishing
Number of Open Jobs: 567
Where Hiring: Winchester, KY, Pensacola, FL; Harvest, AL; Versailles, KY; Oakland, CA; Moraga, CA; Saint George, UT; Raleigh, WV & more.
What Employees Say: “The most important aspect of working with N2 Publishing is by far the CULTURE. It is very clear that this is the key to the growth and continued success of the brand! Pros: Flexibility, Business-Ownership, and the Unlimited Potential for growth.” —Current Area Director

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Number of Open Jobs: 3.8k
Where Hiring: Santa Clara, CA; Austin, TX; Dallas, TX; Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Cupertino, CA; San Antonio, TX; Remote & more.
What Employees Say: “Unreal amount of benefits. Working amongst some of the smartest workers in the industry. Paid competitively for the work you’re doing.” —Current Technical Expert

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