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Hot Jobs for Workers Without a Bachelor’s Degree

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Today’s job market values skills and talents, not just degrees. In fact, some of the top jobs with the fastest growth in median base pay for full-time workers are restaurant cook, EMT, machine operator, and security officer, according to Glassdoor’s Job Market Report. The common theme in many of these jobs with fast-rising pay? They do not require a bachelors degree.

So whether you dove straight into the job market in lieu of college, or whether four years was simply too long to prepare for your dream job, there are plenty of exciting roles that don’t require a B.A. and won’t give you any B.S.

1. Sales Associate

Description: You see sales associates every day—ringing up sales at the shoe store, stocking books at Barnes & Noble, and setting up displays at the clothing store. A sales associate, also known as a cashier, provides service to customers, mostly at a retail level. This is a great position if enjoy working with the public.

Median Base Salary: $42,089

Number of Open Jobs: 141,665

Education Required: High School

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2. Property Manager

Description: As a Property Manager, you are expected to live on the premise, incorporate your knowledge and best practices and develop your signature as a top-notch customer representative to your community and team members.

Median Base Salary: $54,183

Number of Open Jobs: 20,908

Education Required: Some schooling and a real estate license, where applicable

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3. Radiology Tech

Description: Radiology technicians, also called radiographers or x-ray techs, produce x-rays of the patient for diagnostic purposes. Radiology technicians prepare the patients for the x-rays, operate the equipment, keep patient records, may even adjust and maintain the machines, and could eventually manage a radiology department.

National Average: $50,872

Number of Open Jobs: 14,114

Education Required: Graduation from an accredited Radiology Technologist program

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4. Web Developer

Description: Web developers build websites and bring projects to life. They also analyze user needs to ensure the proper content, graphics and underlying structure are used to meet both the goals of the user and the website’s owner.

Median Base Salary: $75,487

Number of Open Jobs: 77,060

Education Required: Associates Degree

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5. Medical Sonographer

Description: This position is responsible for performing diagnostic ultrasound procedures. The Sonographer is a professional caregiver who assumes responsibility and accountability for performing diagnostic testing used in the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of care for patients.

National Average: $67,332

Number of Open Jobs: 1,763

Education Required: High School Degree or GED, plus current RDMS certification from accredited school of diagnostic sonography

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6. Gaming Manager

Description: Gaming managers work in casinos. They supervise employees and the daily operations of a designated area in a casino. Gaming managers ensure both casino employees and customers are abiding by the rules of the casino and playing fairly, ensure that players understand the games, and make sure that payouts are correct for winners.

National Average: $30,198

Number of Open Jobs: 9,883

Education Required: High School Diploma

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7. Nuclear Technician

Description: Nuclear technicians assist physicists, engineers, and other professionals in nuclear research and nuclear energy production. They operate special equipment used in these activities and monitor the levels of radiation that are produced.

Median Base Salary: $79,140 (According to BLS.gov)

Number of Open Jobs: 508

Education Required: Associates Degree

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8. Air Traffic Controller

Description: Air traffic control specialists provide a vital public service to guide pilots, their planes and 2.2 million daily passengers from taxi to takeoff, through the air and back safely on the ground.

National Average: $94,098

Number of Open Jobs: 256

Education Required: Have three years of progressively responsible work experience, or a Bachelor’s degree, or a combination of post-secondary education and work experience that totals three years

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9. Power Plant Operator

Description: A power plant operator is someone who controls the systems that generate and distribute electric power. Candidates must read charts, meters, and gauges to monitor voltage and electricity flows, as well as check equipment and indicators to detect evidence of operating problems.

National Average: $85,265

Number of Open Jobs: 8,076

Education Required: High School Diploma or equivalent education (GED); trade license

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