How Obama and his Predecessors Approval Ratings Compare to Top Rated CEOs

Did you know that on Obama’s 100th day in office his approval rating was at 65% according to a Gallup poll reported by MSNBC? When compared to Presidents who held office throughout the past 40 years, Obama comes in second after Reagan, who marked his 100th day in office with a 68% approval rating.

We were curious to see how corporate leaders fare against current and most recent US leaders according to their respective communities, whether its voters or employees. Using MSNBCs Gallup poll and Glassdoor’s CEO ratings, we did some analysis to see how ratings for Obama and the previous ten Presidents on their 100th day in office compared to the 25 top rated CEOs (with more 100 reviews). We discovered that there are 13 CEOs who receive higher approval ratings than Obama.  World-famous Apple CEO Steve Jobs takes top spot with a 91% approval rating…perhaps if Obama invented the next iPod he’d be set for a second term!?!

President John F. Kennedy is the only US leader to make it in the top 5 on this list below based on his approval rating on his 100th day in office. And, we see that of this recent list of Presidents, H.W. Bush, Clinton and Ford had the lowest approval ratings at this point in time during their respective tenures.

Glassdoor Report: Which CEOs have higher ratings than Obama?
  Company Rating  CEO CEO Approval Rating
Apple 3.8 Steve Jobs 91
Procter & Gamble 4.1 A.G. Lafley 89
Google 4.0 Eric E. Schmidt 88
Goldman Sachs 3.7 Lloyd C. Blankfein 88
UNITED STATES John F. Kennedy 83
UNITED STATES Lyndon B. Johnson 80
Adobe 4.2 Shantanu Narayen 78
Cisco Systems 3.5 John T. Chambers 75
Ernst & Young Global 3.6 Jim Turley 75
UNITED STATES Dwight D. Eisenhower 73
Intuit 3.9 Brad D. Smith 73
JPMorgan Chase 3.2 Jamie Dimon 72 3.3 Jeff Bezos 70
UNITED STATES Ronald Reagan 68
QUALCOMM 3.6 Paul E. Jacobs 68
FedEx 3.6 Fred Smith 67
Ford Motor 3.0 Alan R. Mulally 67
UNITED STATES Barack Obama 65
American Express 3.4 Ken Chenault 64
Oracle 3.2 Larry Ellison 64
UNITED STATES Jimmy Carter 63
Best Buy 3.5 Brad Anderson 63
Intel Corporation 3.5 Paul S. Otellini 63
EMC 3.6 Joe Tucci 63
UNITED STATES Richard Nixon 62
Lockheed Martin 3.5 Robert J. Stevens 62
Morgan Stanley 3.3 John J. Mack 60
Booz Allen Hamilton 3.7 Ralph W. Shrader 60
Accenture 3.4 Bill Green 59
Wells Fargo 3.4 John G. Stumpf 59
UNITED STATES George W. Bush 58
Boeing 3.5 Jim McNerney Jr. 58
GE 3.5 Jeff Immelt 57
UNITED STATES George H.W. Bush 56
UNITED STATES Bill Clinton 55
UNITED STATES Gerald Ford 48


Taking a deeper dive beyond approval ratings, it’s interesting to see the commonalities between the public and the private sector. As we read through recent Apple company reviews, we found many employees commenting in their ‘advice to senior management’ that they just wanted to be heard. For example, an Apple Technical Support Agent writes in “Listen to the folks on the front lines.” Something we’re sure both President Obama and the leaders before him have often heard as well.

And as a final yet important note, we realize running a country is perhaps a bit more difficult than running a corporation, but this does bring up the question: ‘To what extent do ratings signify when it comes to the long term success of leader?’