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How to find your areas for improvement

Posted by Glassdoor Team

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Last Updated October 7, 2022
|2 min read

Being honest about where you need to improve is important — whether it’s during your annual performance review or when you’re trying to impress an interview panel. Here are a few tools to help you identify where you need to grow and also how to have a meaningful discussion that leads to actionable next steps.

1. 23 opportunities for areas of improvement in the workplace

What it is: A robust list of key qualities to help you evaluate where your skills could use some sharpening. 

How it helps: See where you stand in each of these categories to figure out the areas where you need the most improvement. Plus, you can learn how to confidently talk about them in any professional growth conversation.

2. 5 key ways to grow your career

What it is: Tips for where to get started if you’re looking to move up the ladder or into a different career. 

How it helps: If you’re ever feeling stuck in your professional journey, this gives you the guidance to map out what you need to do to move forward. 

3. 8 ways to improve your professional writing skills

What it is: A resource to help you become a stronger writer, no matter your profession. 

How it helps: While “writer” might not be in your job description, improving your writing skills could still help boost your career. 

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