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How to Get a Job at Lyft

With Lyft stocks rising after the company went public in May and new office locations springing up across the country, opportunities to join the Lyft team are abundant. But how does a job seeker land a position at one of the fastest growing tech companies in the nation? Lyft is actively searching for inventive, self-driven (work ethic, that is) and enthusiastic new employees – as the company states, “We challenge convention, take risks, and make an impact.” Preparing yourself through research on Lyft, its hiring process and employee experiences will give you a leg up on other applicants and that much closer to a job offer!

Lyft’s Mission Statement & You

Lyft takes its company mission seriously – a common question during the interview process is, “Which of Lyft’s core values do you relate to the most?” Understanding a future employer’s values allows you as a job seeker to decide whether you align with its beliefs and understand how to market yourself during the hiring process as an employee who would further company goals. On its Careers website, Lyft outlines its three employee principles:

1. Be yourself.

Lyft is interested in what you as an individual, beyond your professional experience, bring to the table. Job seekers note that an important aspect of the Lyft hiring process was being able to fit into the team during group interviews and were asked questions such as, “Describe yourself in three words.” While talking about your background, allow what makes you unique to also come through.

2. Make it happen.  

As Lyft says, “If it doesn’t exist, invent it.” Lyft builds a work environment where the goal is redefine, as opposed to maintain, the status quo. If you see a problem as an opportunity, then you will likely thrive as part of the Lyft team. But if you are looking just to clock in to your 9 to 5, this may not be the company for you.

3. Uplift others.

An effective work environment means focusing not only on your success, but also your coworkers’. The Lyft website explains, “Lyft employees are smart, funny people, who aren’t afraid to share their ideas, admit when they don’t know something, and are always willing to help.” The company also claims strong social responsibility and has made substantial charitable donations – so volunteering and a nonprofit background is a plus!

team members working in the nashville office

Lyft’s interview process

The Glassdoor Interviews feature allows you to layway the stress of unexpected questions and be ready to wow the interview panels. While experiences differ depending on the particular position, most applicants who received a job offer say the hiring process is two to four weeks long and includes around three interview rounds. Many describe the interview process at Lyft as efficient and fast paced; one job seeker said, “Many companies nowadays string candidates along for weeks or even months. HR at Lyft was excellent to work with- prompt responses and a clear timeline.” Job seekers went through an initial phone interview with an HR representative and then continued to complete in depth interviews with direct managers and coworkers that were typically in person; technical positions such as software engineer include multiple coding and design tests. Below are some of the questions job seekers have encountered in the Lyft hiring process:

  • What about the role and Lyft appeals to you?
  • Tell me about a time you had a disagreement with your supervisor and how you managed to reconcile the situation.
  • What are your 3 favorite apps?
  • What are projects you have done for your previous organization?
  • How would you roll out an algorithm improvement for driver matching?
  • How would you solve Lyft’s commute problem?
  • Do you think customers are always right?
  • What can Lyft offer you that your current job doesn’t offer you?
  • What is something about yourself that surprises most people?
  • Which of Lyft’s core values do you relate to the most?

What Lyft Employees Say

The best way to understand what it’s like to work at Lyft – and how you can best integrate yourself into the workplace – is to hear from current and past employees. Of all the traits and skills employees described as the keys to success in Lyft reviews, the most common by far was the ability to hit the ground running. Employees emphasize that working for a company going through rapid expansion – and some growing pains – requires workers to be on top of an ever-evolving workplace. One employee elaborates, “Fast-paced, inclusive, and collaborative culture with so much room for learning and growth in a quickly changing industry…with how fast things are moving and changing, sometimes there can be a feeling of work going in several different directions at the same time.”

Another employee warns, “If you are coming from a structured environment, it can be challenging to be a part of a startup, need to be open to constant change and navigating the unknown.” Having experience at startups or other fast paced work environments will help you hit the ground running in a new role.  If you don’t have a professional background in such spaces, demonstrating instances in which you effectively responded to workplace crises or found innovative solutions to work problems will help you stand out from the crowd.

team members working in the design studio in the san francisco office

Climb the Ladder at Lyft

While many folks have the drive, smarts and creativity to dive head first into a position at Lyft, not everyone comes with the same level of experience. If you’re worried that your resume may not hold up against fellow applicants with stronger backgrounds, then consider taking on one of Lyft’s internships and apprenticeships. Lyft has expressed its dedication to hiring students, new grads and job seekers from unique educational backgrounds for entry level positions that center mentorship and continuous learning. According to the Lyft Careers website, “You’ll be immersed in our welcoming, friendly culture where everyone has a significant impact.”


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